YouTube TV did 4K sports right — so it’s maybe time to cancel it

Let’s say a few things: For video, higher resolution is better. Diminishing returns, of course – I won’t be buying an 8K TV just yet. But going from 720p to 1080p is a huge leap in quality. Maybe you’ll get a little less when going from 1080p to 4K, but that depends a lot on your situation – the size of the TV, what room you’re in, etc.

One more condition: 4K filming was absolutely necessary for the 2022 World Cup. If you’ve ever watched live sports in 4K, you probably already know this. FuboTV has been doing live sports for years and is the most popular live service in the US, with more than 5 million subscribers at last count, five times the size of FuboTV, and YouTube TV has since become an option. Summer 2021. If you already subscribe to a cable, satellite or streaming service, you can watch in 4K through the Fox Sports app.

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4K World Cup on YouTube TV.

Much of the 4K resolution was down to Fox itself. For whatever reason, his live sports are often shot at low frame rates. If you’ve been flipping between Fox and CBS NFL games on Sundays, you know exactly what that means. The lower frame rate combined with the lower resolution makes it impossible to watch live sports. I gave up playing at my parents’ house because I couldn’t watch low-definition programming through my cable provider. Once you’ve experienced gaming in 4K, you’ll never go back.

The channel layout was a little chaotic, but YouTube TV made it relatively easy to watch the game in 4K. Whether it’s Fox or ESPN or NBC, a channel in 4K is a completely separate channel. This means that if you’re used to turning your browser directly, you’ll need to tune it manually. It’s not very convenient.

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But YouTube TV is as much about recommendations as anything else, and that’s what happened during the World Cup. If you select a game from the recommendations on the Home menu, all the options to watch will be listed. I signed up for the 4K Plus plan on YouTube TV so this was my first choice. There was also a Spanish language program on Telemundo which was a nice touch.

YouTube TV gets it mostly right, but at a pretty high cost. The 4K Plus plan costs an additional $20 per month, bringing your subscription to at least $85 per month before taxes and other add-ons. Yes, you get more than just live sports in 4K with this package. You can also watch on-demand content and on as many devices as you want at home. But it’s still pretty sharp, especially considering that FuboTV (which costs more out of the gate) streams 4K for free, and you can stream 4K with any other provider using the Fox Sports app. .

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Thanks to YouTube TV for making the World Cup available. Cheers to Super Bowl LVII in February on Fox.

But in the meantime, it might be time to save a little cash.

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