“You Can’t Do Everything Yourself”, Founder Emily Alexandra Guglielmo Shares Her Story

A luxury cosmetics and beauty line founded by Emily Alexandra Guglielmo, “The American Mermaid,” Emily Alexandra Cosmetics offers a wide range of top products with the best formulas. Each of Emily’s products is developed and manufactured in Israel, ensuring that everything is vegan, cruelty-free, and coral reef-friendly. With ocean-themed marketing, packaging, and product designs, the branding is inspired by her personal brand as a mermaid. Emily Alexandra Cosmetics is located at the Dolls Kill store in Los Angeles. In 2023, the founder intends to expand worldwide.

In addition to performing live at events, conventions, and private parties, American Mermaid engages in philanthropic work through Ocean Rescue Alliance, 1000 Mermaidsand the nonprofit Support Water, which he founded in 2018. Proceeds from the sale of the Guglielmo cosmetic line are donated to this nonprofit to help develop new and innovative methods for bringing drinking water to developing countries. To support the mission of her nonprofit, Support Water, Emily travels to developing countries like Kenya to provide clean drinking water to communities.

In Tampa, Florida, the philanthropist was born and raised. When he was young, his father would take him and his sister to the beach with their girlfriends every weekend. During those visits, he developed an appreciation for the ocean and water. Despite Emily’s career as a professional mermaid, she wasn’t always a fan of water creatures. When he was about two or three years old, his parents took him and his sister to Crystal River to see the mermaids at the iconic Weeki Wachee, which terrified him. At 20, Emily became a professional mermaid.

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In 2022, Guglielmo was elected Miss Florida USA and was sponsored to sail on Virgin Voyage for Halloween week, with Richard Branson serving as their lead mermaid. So she was named The American Mermaid for the Guinness Book of World Records in Bimini, Bahamas, for the record of the highest number of mermaids sitting simultaneously in the exact location.

In 2023, Emily plans to appear in several upcoming shows on mainstream television and Netflix. Previously, the multi-talented entrepreneur acted and appeared in films such as Magic Mike and Spring Breakers. In addition, he is known locally, having hosted a show in Tampa for five years. In the coming months, Emily will tour the world as The American Mermaid.

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With her cosmetics, the entertainer’s target market is all ages. Her products include elements of the ocean, power, faith, and love while also incorporating luxurious and healthy ingredients.

Emily believes that her target audience includes a wide variety of ages. Even though toddlers truly believe she is a real mermaid, it inspires adults to be the best versions of themselves, making them sexy and empowered. “I’ve had grown women write to me, saying that I gave them hope for themselves to be the best version of themselves that they can be,” she said.

In life, we all strive to achieve something. The inspiration behind Emily’s decision to become an entrepreneur came from her mother. During his childhood, his mother, who died in June, was the breadwinner of the family. Emily observes how her mother is a self-employed entrepreneur, earns a large income, is a respected boss, and is financially capable of providing for her family. In addition, the businessman’s mother sent him and his sister to a private educational institution and gave them an idyllic childhood.

Entrepreneurs tend to believe that they should do everything themselves when hiring professionals to run their businesses will increase their chances of success. Emily says she always tries to manage her business independently. It wasn’t until his mother gave him some practical advice that his life changed forever. According to Emily, her mother said, “Emily, you can’t do everything by yourself…you have to delegate”.

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Since that day, Emily’s quality of life has improved. “When I delegate tasks to the appropriate people who can expedite tasks in a more timely manner with prestige and quality, I am able to allow myself more freedom and time to be creative and spend it doing of things I like,” Emily shared.

Guglielmo believes that self-made success is the product of self-effort. He worked diligently to become a believer in his thoughts every day. “I went out and cut my a** every night for years to raise money to start my company,” he said.

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