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A day after reports that more than two million migrants had crossed the U.S. southern border illegally earlier this fiscal year – a new record – former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the flood of fentanyl across the border “an act of war” and another sign of it the “wobbly, weak” Biden administration.

And he acknowledged that the flow of opioids from China through Mexico was considered so dangerous that the Trump administration considered military action across the border with Mexico.

Pompeo’s comments came Tuesday at a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, a popular gathering among potential presidential candidates ahead of the First in the Nation primary. Pompeo made no secret of his interest in a potential run, saying he was doing “all the things that you would do to be ready to make an announcement like that.”

The subject of Pompeo’s speech was what he called the “woke, weak and rambling” Biden administration. He ridiculed the White House for “rolling back” Biden’s statement in 60 Minutes that US troops would be sent to Taiwan if China invaded.

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“I think if I had corrected President Trump like that, I would have been the ‘former’ 70th secretary of state,” he said.

Pompeo also called out Biden’s “divisive language” regarding Trump supporters, accusing them of “semi-fascism” and comparing them to racists like Bull Connor who were fighting the civil rights movement.

“The President of the United States gave a speech that soiled half the country. He identified half the country as enemies of the state,” Pompeo said.

“Mr. President, I can’t tell you what’s in your heart, I don’t know. But I do know that treating your countrymen as enemies is a denial of what has made this country great.”

But one topic kept occupying his mind: the chaos on the southern border.

During the speech, he evoked Biden’s decision to reverse the Trump administration’s border policy, “and now illegal immigrants are flooding our nation, pouring over our southern border.”

As he asked questions, viewers asked Pompeo about the flow of fentanyl that has led to a spike in opioid overdoses in New Hampshire and across the country, and one said, “It almost seems like an act of war.” Pompeo replied, ” I’m not sure I would use the word ‘almost’.”

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Pompeo reminded attendees of previous media reports from a tell-all book that “Trump wanted to bomb Mexico.”

Pompeo set the record straight: “That was actually me.”

He explained that the US fought in Afghanistan at the time because America was “attacked from an ungoverned space” used by Al Qaeda to plan the 9/11 attack. “Well today, that ungoverned space isn’t just in Afghanistan, it’s a stone’s throw from El Paso.”

“There is no rule. There’s no sheriff, the cartels control this space. This is deeply dangerous,” Pompeo said. “And the story they got wrong was that we were thinking about how we operate in an ungoverned space on our southern border. How do we stop these people – and this is the intention of the Chinese government – how do you stop Xi Jinping from bringing these drugs into America to undermine us and bring our nation down? What are the tools we could have?

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“And so we’re starting to think about how we might use the full breadth of American capacity to protect ourselves from these ungoverned spaces,” Pompeo said. “Fentanyl is cheaper than ever. America’s leaders should be determined to find a way to stop this.”

When asked about the 50 illegal immigrants flown by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) to nearby Martha’s Vineyard, Pompeo said, “I’m not worried about the 50 migrants in Martha’s Vineyard, I’m worried about.” the 50 who crossed our border as I spoke.”

And Pompeo called on the media to confront elected officials who, like members of the Biden administration, claim “the border is safe.”

“If Vice President Harris tells it [reporters] “You’re not crossing the border,” each of you should say, “Ma’am, here’s the picture of you crossing the border. You are lying to the American people.’ Don’t let them ignite the issue,” Pompeo said. “Lying to the American people about what’s actually going on there is indecent.”

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