What photography features have the iPhone 14 upgraded? Is that worth paying for?

On September 7th, Apple officially released the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones. What are the updates for the latest phone, and is it worth getting? Many photography enthusiasts who use iPhones will have such questions. Today, let’s take a look at the iPhone 14 image feature updates.

The iPhone 14 Pro gets a major update to the image

The focus of the video part is mainly on the iPhone 14 Pro version. In Android phones with 100 million pixels, the Pro version main camera finally adopts a new 48MP CMOS sensor and supports four-in-one output of 12MP photos, and the size of the sensor has also increased been improved.

Many Apple photographers have been looking forward to using it to capture starry night scenes or super macro shots, and the 14pro should be able to meet their needs.

Additionally, which tripod is best for iPhone 14? The MagStick, which is specially designed for iPhone photography, can easily meet the needs of photography in such scenes. It can be extended to 63.5 inches with a simple pull, with 360 degree rotation of the face and 180 degree rotation of the neck. The multi-angle and ultra-flexible features have made it popular among users.

According to the official reveal, the iPhone 14 Pro version’s 48-megapixel sensor has increased in size by 65% ​​compared to last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, making it the largest sensor area in iPhone history.

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Ultra-wide and telephoto lenses remain at 12-megapixels, and the 13mm and 77mm equivalent focal lengths remain unchanged. Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, the maximum aperture is slightly lower, presumably due to the increased sensor area (another problem is that the camera protrudes more). Unlike most phone tripods on the market, the MagStick is completely unaffected by the wide-angle lens of the iPhone series, helping you capture every perfect shot!

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Join video sport mode

In terms of video recording, iPhone 14 Pro can record 4K 30fps movie mode (iPhone 13 Pro can only record 1080 30fps specs in movie mode), which improves the practicality of movie mode.

Another point to note is that Apple has added a “sports mode” to the iPhone 14, which greatly improves the anti-shake ability when recording videos. The temptation is great for users who prefer to capture their life with iPhone videos, especially parents who prefer to shoot videos of their kids to capture moments of growth. This function is very convenient and can easily achieve excellent picture quality.

To help you and your iPhone capture life’s wonderful moments faster and more conveniently, MagStick takes MagSafe as a source of inspiration to develop a super magnetic adsorption function. All you have to do is put the phone down lightly to start your photo journey. Featuring innovative technology compatible with MagSafe, MagStick was a huge hit on Kickstarter and was backed with $130,000 in just one month!

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Effective Bluetooth remote control within 50ft, leaving two 1/4 ports for microphone and fill light on either end. Lightweight and portable, it can meet the needs of family gatherings, travel, live broadcasting and other scenes that need to be shot.

Another plus version

Finally, the standard version is a little different than last year. This year there’s the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus; The Pro version is further divided into iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. In terms of appearance, the standard version is still a dual camera system and the Pro version is still a triple camera design.

The iPhone 14’s main camera specs are the same as last year’s iPhone 13 Pro version. It’s not just the main camera, the iPhone 14 also has the same processor as last year’s iPhone 13 Pro version. Therefore, iPhone 14 can easily be understood as iPhone 13 Pro with dual cameras.

Due to the oversized size of the iPhone Plus or Pro Max version, many Apple photographers naturally find it difficult to choose a suitable selfie stick or a phone tripod. Andobil is dedicated to solve various problems related to iPhone photo accessories. The first feature of the MagStick phone tripod launched in 2022 is that it can be compatible with all types of iPhones and even most cameras.

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Is it worth buying?

The highlights of the iPhone 14 are currently the upgrade of the main camera to 48 megapixels, the motion mode for video recording and the processor upgrade (iPhone 14 Pro version) brings improved computing power and algorithm improvements (such as z and image engine). There is no doubt that the quality will be improved, so when she Consider your own shopping needs, she Whether this is worthwhile can be seen from the improvements mentioned above she to replace the new phone.

It’s worth noting that MagStick is still worth buying whether you’re replacing a new iPhone or not if you’re a mobile photography enthusiast. After all, a bad selfie stick is a waste of your gear and beauty. MagStick is sure to be the best companion in your photography process.

In order for more mobile photography enthusiasts to experience the convenience of MagStick, there is a 35% discount for new products. Click the link below to purchase. The product will be delivered within 7 days.

We think MagSafe tripods would be better suited for photography enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the hassle of holding with both hands. I look forward to more people getting it and using it to better capture life’s beautiful moments.

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