What is B&H Photo doing in Europe?

B&H Photo, the photo and video specialist based in New York, is a household name, at least in professional circles. They are the first to receive new product information and the first to usually have these products in stock. There doesn’t seem to be any photo or video equipment that they don’t have available.

So you can imagine how unhappy I am that I’m based in Europe and can’t really take advantage of such a great store. However, Jason Smolesky was at the B&H Photo booth at IBC 2022 and DIYP was able to chat and find out exactly why a US based company might be at a European show.

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“We’re here to educate people about our shipping,” says Jason. “We cover all costs up front to make it really easy for you,” he continues. “We carry so many products,” explains Jason, “some of them are hard to come by here in Europe.” Isn’t that the truth! Shipping is via DHL from B&H Photo’s huge warehouse in New Jersey. “We’ll get it to you as soon as we can,” says Jason.

And when Jason says it’s a big warehouse, he means it’s a big warehouse. “Amazon would probably say it’s big,” he jokes, “it is the Big!” This means when B&H says they have an item, it means they actually have that item in stock and it can ship almost immediately. That’s a huge benefit for customers.

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B&H Photo also prides itself on customer service. Living in a country where customer service seems to be at the bottom of the priority list at times, I can say that’s a great thing. Good customer service is one of those things that you take for granted until it’s gone.

Jason also explains that they also want to encourage business-to-business sales and nurture relationships with brands that are also exhibiting at IBC 2022. B&H Photo has long established strong relationships with all major camera and lighting brands. “These relationships help us take care of our customers and give them the support they need,” says Jason.

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B&H Photo will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. The business was founded in 1973 and started out as a photo film shop. The ethos has always been based on helping its customers get what they need, with a focus on ethical practices and respect.

It’s an ethos that has clearly paid off with a loyal, returning customer base. Unfortunately, there is no talk yet that B&H Photo will set up a branch in Europe. But hey, B&H, if you’re reading this, we’d welcome you with open arms!


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