UMich community discusses mental health at GenMH conference

Generation Mental Health (GenMH), an organization dedicated to advancing mental health care as a universal right, wrapped up its third annual “Youth Advocating for Mental Health” conference on Sunday afternoon after two days of virtual and face-to-face programming.

Keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops took place on both days of the conference. The first day of the program was completely virtual and open to the public, so participants could join from anywhere in the world. Sessions at the Michigan League on Sunday saw organizations and mental health advocates in Ann Arbor meet in person for the event for the first time in the conference’s three-year history.

During the in-person portion of the conference, several booths were available for attendees to connect with representatives from organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and the UM School of Social Work.


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