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Besides food, supplements and other health-focused products are of paramount importance to a pet’s overall health. As cannabidiol (CBD) products continue to grow in popularity, consumers are constantly looking for other supplements that address common health concerns. Canine ailments typically include hip and joint, skin, and gastrointestinal (GI) issues, while GI and urinary tract infections are common ailments for cats.


Evolutions by NaturVet is a premium line of canine supplements that promote joint health, skin and coat health, digestive health and a natural sense of calm using only clean, veterinary approved ingredients. All six Evolutions products are veterinarian formulated and contain no soy, corn, wheat, GMOs or artificial preservatives.

Bird Electrolyte Soaking

Relax and rehydrate your birds with Zoo Med’s Bird Electrolytes. Packed with electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help birds relax their bodies and minds. Chicks are ideal for stressed birds and less frequently to maintain your bird’s health and happiness.

Shellless Bites

Pawse’s delicious freeze-dried Bark-Less Bites make pet wellness convenient and fun. Using premium USDA certified organic full spectrum hemp extract along with Icelandic fish oil, calming plant terpenes and six all-natural animal protein options to aid CBD bioavailability. Available in Beef, Chicken, Duck, Fish, Lamb and Rabbit. Available in trial (15-bite) and full (100-bite) bags.


ellePet is the only retailer available pet CBD + CBDA product proven to work in multiple clinical trials and pharmacokinetic studies. Made by ElleVet Sciences, a world leader in CBD + CBDA research, ellePet helps with stress, joint discomfort, itching, cognitive issues, tremors, and high-end pet health. With elleMove, elleCalm, elleDaily and elleCalm & Comfort, ellePet protects your customers.

CannaDrops Coconut

Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops Coconut is made in small batches with premium ingredients including MCT coconut oil and USDA organic full spectrum hemp oil. Unlike other pet CBDs, HHPC’s hemp oil is steam distilled, the cleanest extraction process, with no solvents or chemicals to deliver a healthier and more efficient product.

sun drops

Vita Prima Sun Drops are species-specific advanced liquid vitamin supplements with Sun Drops for Birds enriched with Vitamin A and Sun Drops for Small Animals enriched with Vitamin C. Added directly to a pet’s food or water, these highly effective multivitamins are easy to use and taste great.

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LIX Advanced Blend

LIX Advanced Blend is a super-powerful combination of three phytocannabinoids to help older animals and those in need of substantial systemic support. Animals must survive numerous problems with cognition and aging, chronic disease, intestinal inflammation, pain and mobility. The company focuses on creating real essential health benefits in a tasteless and odorless tincture to benefit all animals.


JurassiVite is the only reptile/amphibian vitamin/mineral supplement that provides 14 essential vitamins and 17 trace and ultra-trace minerals recommended by herpetologists. It provides Vitamin A as beta carotene and uses a alfalfa base for enhanced flavor and nutritional value. Vitamins A, D3, and E are found in the recommended ratio of 100:10:1.

OTIS Liquid Supplement

Fluid Supplement It is a liquid or wet food supplement filled with essential nutrients and functional supplements that normal dog food does not have. From glucosamine to chamomile, these beneficial ingredients are contained in a delicious, protein-packed broth to ensure your dogs are consuming much-needed nutrients that can benefit their overall health while enjoying their meals. Liquid Supplement bottles are 100 percent recyclable and made from PCR (post-consumption waste). The hydration supplement is available in Sit, Fetch and Stay formulas.

Natural Science Supplements

Even with a balanced diet, some pets need a little more support to perform at their best. Oxbow Animal Health Natural Science supplements are specially formulated with premium herbal ingredients to support the joint health and wellness needs of small pets. Natural Science supplements are made from high quality Timothy straw and are delicious for small animals.

Pet Integrity Cat Supplements

Pet Honesty tackles the cat taste problem with a new line of bi-textured supplements that taste like chicken. The Calming, Hairball Support, and Hip + Joint Health variants achieve an unprecedented 92 percent acceptability. The crunchy to creamy chews are made with natural and premium active ingredients and meet the brand’s product commitment to be free of artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, and formulations free of wheat, soy, or corn.

Plant-Based Omega 3s

Fera Pet Organics, the trusted brand of veterinarian-designed dog and cat supplements, is launching Omegas 3s, a plant-based Omega-3 algae oil. It provides extremely potent EPA and DHAs from natural (non-GMO) seaweed and organic flaxseed. In addition to meeting the need for clean and sustainably sourced pet supplements on the market, Omega-3 supplementation helps support immune, heart, eye and skin health as well as cognitive and mental function.

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Belly + Immunity

Health Extension’s Belly + Immune supplement powder for dogs and puppies Contains five types of digestive enzymes, including Bromelain, to reduce inflammation and help dogs’ bellies break down food, allowing essential nutrients to be absorbed without irritating the intestines. The Belly + Immunity formula also contains a unique blend of pumpkin seeds, banana and papaya fruit, ginger root powder for added fiber, as well as apple cider vinegar powder for a healthy immune system and digestive support.

Outdoor Farm Supplements

Open Farm Supplements are new soft chew supplements designed to meet the needs of dogs of all stages of life and made of 100 percent human quality, non-GMO and fully traceable ingredients. Vet-approved, NASC-approved, and USA-made supplements are available wherever Open Farm products are sold. 90-number varieties include Immunity, Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat, Sedative, and Probiotic.

Zesty Paws Veterinary Power

Zesty Paws Vet Strength Aller-Immune Bites are fortified with high-quality ingredients such as Spirulina, Epicor and Vitamin C to help increase the body’s innate resistance to pathogens and can support normal respiratory function in pets with seasonal allergies. Containing premium branded ingredients such as OptiMSM, BiovaPlex and Serrazimes, Zesty Paws Vet Strength Mobility Bites help maintain the health, lubricity and durability of joints and connective tissue to support mobility.

Bocce’s Bakery Daily Supplements

Bocce’s Bakery’s newest line of Daily Supplements contains 100 percent genuine and locally sourced ingredients. ‘B’ shaped treats offer a foolproof way to support a dog’s overall health. Daily Supplements are available in five delicious recipes that cater to different health needs: Calming, Multivitamin, Probiotic, Hip & Joint, and Skin & Hair.

Natural Doggie Senior Formula

Natural Doggie’s new Full Spectrum Senior Formula is specially formulated with CBG for its unique properties to soothe inflammation and improve the overall quality of life of senior dogs. It relieves pain in the joints, and research has shown that it can help calm other digestive issues of colitis. By reducing inflammation, it can help calm arthritis, the anxiety that many dogs suffer from later in life.

Primal Pet Supplements

Containing easy-to-use chews, oils, and ointments, Primal Pet Supplements are proudly made in the USA with American-grown hemp. The powerful benefits of full and broad spectrum cannabinoids provide a soothing, all-natural option to help manage your pet’s stress and anxiety. Using the world’s best ingredients, our health supplements are vet-formulated, carefully crafted and NASC certified to help your pet thrive.

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Nulo Treats and Supplements

Nulo is proud to present the newest range of functional treats for cats – a health and wellness focused line designed to provide cats with the richness they crave in the form of a crunchy snack that’s better for them. Nulo is also excited to introduce new complementary soft chew products for dogs. These five solution-focused formulations are designed to improve your dog’s overall health and well-being at all stages of his life.

Calming Care

Calming Care from Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements is a management option for owners whose cats experience anxious behaviors such as hiding or pacing. Calming Care is a probiotic supplement that contains a type of beneficial bacteria that has been shown to help dogs and cats maintain calm behavior. It helps cats cope with changes in routine and location and helps encourage positive behaviors such as playing and seeking social contact.


ALL-IN is the first life stage dog supplement on the market with an innovative formula that ensures optimum nutrient absorption. The patented bioactive complexes in ALL-IN focus on individual health and nutritional needs to improve quality at every stage of a dog’s life. ALL-IN contains essential nutrients your dog needs at a certain stage of his life to support digestive, cellular, bone, mental and immune health.

GREENIES Dog Supplements

GREENIES Dog Supplements, a Ph.D. Specially formulated by the team. animal nutritionists. Each type of supplement—Hip & Joint, Immune Health, and Skin & Coat—is made with real chicken and comes in easy-to-feed soft chews with no artificial flavors or preservatives and fillers, so pet parents can choose the best fit. health needs of pets.


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