Top 5 gadgets that grabbed the eyeballs in India in 2022

New Delhi: We live in a world of amazing technological advancements, portable smart gadgets and smart devices. With so many fascinating devices available today, it can be difficult to identify the ones you should actually buy.

Indians are slowly but steadily getting addicted to smart home devices and tech companies have redoubled their efforts to attract more users in the country.

From smart air purifiers to floor-cleaning vacuum robots, Internet of Things (IoT) product categories have grown significantly for consumers.

Here are the top 5 picks from the lot.

  1. Amazon Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 is Amazon’s latest Echo smart home device that comes with a 10.1-inch HD display, 13 MP front-facing camera, premium sound and intelligent motion that turns the display in front of you when you interact with Alexa. takes away

It uses advanced computer vision algorithms to help make users’ homes smarter and safer.

Users can securely access the live feed from the Echo Show 10 via the Alexa application on a smartphone.

Parag Gupta, head of Amazon Devices India, said in a statement, “Echo Show 10’s intelligent motion capability makes any place in the room the perfect place to enjoy visuals on the HD display and have an enhanced audio experience. “

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Echo Show 10 was priced at Rs 24,999 at the time of launch.

  1. Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 features an always-on Retina display with a brightness of up to 1,000 nits. It also comes with Temperature Sensing, an innovative new sensor that provides insight into users’ overall health and enables advanced cycle tracking features.

The Series 8 smartwatches also offer advanced health features that allow wearers to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) and measure their blood oxygen levels anytime, anywhere.

It also comes with a ‘crash detection’ feature that detects if users have been involved in a serious car accident and automatically connects them to emergency services and notifies their emergency contacts.

Moreover, it offers an enhanced workout application that elevates users’ training with new advanced metrics, custom workouts and multi-sport functionality.

It also provides an emergency SOS feature. When users make a call with this feature, their Apple Watch automatically calls local emergency services and shares their location with them.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch starts at Rs 45,900.

3: Dyson Air Purifier

With so much air pollution around, Dyson’s hot and cold air purifier ‘HP07’ reflects the latest technology in two primary areas: filtration and acoustics. It captures the H1N1 virus and 99.95 percent of particles 0.1 microns such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold spores and is 20 percent quieter, without compromising on cleaning performance to reduce unwanted noise in the home.

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Priced at Rs 56,900, this is the only air purifier and heater, using Dyson Air Multiplier technology, this machine can project clean air to every corner of the room.

The machine’s Auto mode enables the machine to maintain preferred room temperature and air quality levels, while the machine can be fully controlled via the Dyson Link app and activated by voice control. Is.

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Eufy’s Robovac G20 Hybrid comes with 5 times more suction power to achieve a deeper level of cleaning and its increased airflow reduces tangles on roller brushes for more efficient vacuuming around the home.

It features ultra-pack dust compression technology that maximizes the volume utilization of the dust box, so more dust can be collected and less blown when it’s time to empty.

Eufy RoboVac’s unique smart navigation intelligently remembers the home environment and obstacles that may stand in its way in real time. The vacuum cleaner quickly creates a virtual map so that the most efficient cleaning routines do not need to be performed manually.

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At the time of launch, this robot vacuum cleaner was priced at Rs 23,999.

5: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Used as a device for multitaskers, the device offers a large 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with apps optimized for a big-screen experience.

Content is even more immersive and distinctive with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate on the 7.6-inch main screen and a low-visibility under-display camera (UDC) featuring a scatter-type subpixel arrangement.

The device runs Android 12L, a special version of Android developed by Google for larger screen experiences.

Galaxy Z Fold4 offers an upgraded 50MP wide lens and 30X Space Zoom17 lens. With a larger pixel size, 23 percent brighter sensor, and better processing power, you can capture clear images even at night.

The device has Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform and hyperfast 5G for better gaming experience.

Available in Gray Green, Beige and Phantom Black colors, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is priced at Rs 154,999 for the 12GB+256GB and Rs 164,999 for the 12GB+512GB variant.


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