The week’s best reader-submitted still life photos

For this week’s reader challenge, we asked you to submit photos of the inanimate. And as always you delivered. While some people have chosen more unusual subjects to photograph, the vast majority have stuck with classic still life hallmarks, including floral arrangements, skulls, glassware, and more. The winning images range from dramatic to lighthearted to just plain spooky.

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Cover photo by David Terao. See more of David’s work here.

Channeling the Dutch Masters

Moody skull and candle
See more of Skzikit’s work here. sczikite

Skulls are a staple of the still life genre, and Instagram user Skzikit brilliantly captures the work of Dutch Golden Age painters like Pieter Claesz in this shot. Plus, with Halloween just around the corner, the spooky factor feels extra fitting.

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eggs? eggs.

A stack of eggs from above
See more of Susan’s work here. Susan Liep

Sometimes the simplest motifs result in the most beautiful pictures. And Susan Liepa’s egg picture is a good example. Something about them makes me smile, maybe it’s the delicate way they’re stacked, the soft tones, or the soft focus. Or maybe I’m just hungry for a Hardboiled… no, definitely the former.

Swirls of Shadows & Highlights

B&W glass with reflection.
See more of José’s work here. Jose Luis Funes

This is a particularly beautiful image of a very simple subject – the humble glass – masterfully captured by José Luis Funes. The swirling highlights and shadows play well against the plain, lightly textured gray background. And the framing gives the subject plenty of room to breathe.

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But perhaps most importantly, no drinks appeared to have been spilled during the making of this shot.

stand up straight

Screws standing up with long shadow
See more of Robert’s work here. Robert Serbinenko

This still life captured by Robert Serbinenko puts a smile on my face too. Although the subject matter is, once again, quite ordinary, the results are both humorous and eye-catching. I feel like I’m looking at a couple of tiny soldiers just lined up against a setting sun, or maybe an unreleased Pink Floyd album cover. Or maybe both.

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Horizontal arrangement with lilies and flax

Horizontal arrangement with lilies and flax.
See more of Judith’s work here. Judith Hamblyn

This classic still life scene was captured by Judith Hamblyn using her Samsung S10 smartphone. The arrangement looks professionally styled, ie beautiful. And I love the way the flower colors stand out against the dark green background.

’69 GTO

1969 Pontiac GTO in barn.
See more of Gordon’s work here. Gordon Jaeger

Last but not least we have this amazing barn scene with a 1969 Pontiac GTO shot in southern Alberta, Canada by Gordon Hunter. While old cars, broken bikes, and rotting dolls might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “still life,” the scene certainly works! I can only imagine what other treasures are hidden inside.

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