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“Great that you brought all of us crazies together!” joked broker James Harris of Bond Street Partners at The Agency.

That feeling of gratitude and happy camaraderie was in the air The Hollywood Reporter 2nd Annual Power Broker Awards presented by The Society Group and sponsored by ASH Staging and the REAL real estate messaging app on September 20th. Rising stars and established legends exchanged hugs and shops at the ceremony, which was held as a private event at the private members’ fitness club Heimat in the Hollywood Media District. The awards took place in connection with THR‘s 2022 list of Hollywood’s Top 30 Real Estate Agents, which honors top sellers in the Los Angeles area based on MLS-listed sales to Hollywood clients, total transaction volume and media visibility.

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hosted the award ceremony Sell ​​sunset Stars Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald — with Oppenheim finding an opportunity to gently rip the Altman brothers about their absence (absent since the Altmans, stars of a rival series, Bravo’s). Million Dollar Listing: Los Angelesflew back from Dubai).

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Rayni Williams and Branden Williams of The Beverly Hills Estates, winners of the Celebrity Property Portfolio Award, expressed their delight at being recognized by the magazine. “We always say, ‘The properties are the stars, these illustrious properties … and of course our famous clients,'” Rayni said in her acceptance speech. “And we get nothing, right? We’re just here, working and milling, and we can all do it together, which is so much fun. Well, it’s very nice to be recognized. So thanks everyone.”

LA Power Broker Award winners Linda May, Joyce Rey and Kurt Rappaport

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images (3)

Other Power Broker Awards winners included Westside Estate Agency co-founder Kurt Rappaport, who won the Stratospheric Sale Award for a $177 million transaction in Malibu (the second largest sale in the US in 2021), and Linda May of Hilton & Hyland, who won the Agent of Historic Architecture Award, presented by Andrew Bowen and Samantha Atlas of ASH Staging. May’s deals over the past 12 months have included the sale of the Paul Williams-designed Bellagio Estate, the late Yvette Mimieux’s Il Sogno estate and the Hearst Estate.

Oppenheim noted the importance of the list, which is now in its tenth year in his own career. “I remember when this list first came out I was so far from being on any kind of list and this was the ultimate list,” he says. “I studied it. I read everything everyone said. I knew all the agents on it, and to be honest I never dreamed at the time that I would ever make it. It’s actually personal to me, I love it.” He also credited an ad he placed The Hollywood Reporter to help him land Sell ​​sunsetnow with its own spinoff, Sell ​​OC.

Honorees Branden Williams and Rayni Williams on stage during the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards presented by The Hollywood Reporter and The Society Group at Home on September 20, 2022 in Los Angeles.

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He also recognized Coldwell Banker’s Joyce Rey, recipient of the Philanthropic Impact Award, for her mentorship in his early days as an agent. In her touching acceptance speech, Rey spoke movingly about how her career as a high-profile agent has enabled her to give back to the community at large.

“First of all, I’m just overwhelmed to be here and to be a part of this incredible evening with all of you,” said Rey, Co-Chair of UNICEF’s Southern California Board. “Our business and profession is such a wonderful life. It has given us all such an incredible opportunity and also the blessing of a great income. The most important thing in life is to give something back. And I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than when I’ve been involved with a successful charity. And whether it was the St. Joseph Center for the Homeless, or the American Cancer Society, or the Coldwell Bankers’ CB Cares [the brokerage’s educational foundation] . … No matter what I do to help others, it makes me feel even better than making a deal.”

From left: Ikem Chukumerije, Angel Salvador and Rochelle Atlas Maize at the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards.

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In fact, gratitude seemed to be a theme of the evening as first-time list maker Neyshia Go of Sotheby’s International Realty spoke about her relationship with her former boss and mentor (and member of the 2022 Top 30 list) Aaron Kirman of Compass. “He was involved in my wedding. That’s what our relationship means,” she says. “And although I’ve moved on, I’ve had a great career at Sotheby’s, we’re still very close. We’ve all had really great friendships between Aaron and other colleagues I work with who are on this list. And we were all at home for a barbecue or a holiday together.”

Blair Chang from The Agency, Neyshia Go from Sotheby’s International Realty, Carl Gambino from Compass

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images (3)

But perhaps the best story of mentorship was told by Jacob Greene of Rising Star Award recipient Douglas Elliman. Greene spoke of being a teenager working in a talent agency’s mailroom and driving down his mother Sunset’s station wagon when he spotted Josh Altman’s flashy sports car.

Douglas Ellimans Jacob Greene

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

“I said, ‘I’m going to follow him and we’ll see what happens,’ and I literally followed him and stopped in front of him. I said, ‘Josh Altman, my name is Jacob Greene. You have to hire me.’ you know josh He says, ‘All right, brother. Sounds good.’ So I molested him, him and his brother…. Long story short, I got on there and said, ‘I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’ll work as hard as I can.’”

And the rest is history.

Greene accepted the Media Maverick Maverick Award presented by REAL founder Thomas Ma on behalf of the winning team, the Altman Brothers.

After an uncertain year of rising interest rates and record sales, there was a sense of seasoned pros and eager newcomers in the room who appreciated weathering a storm – with the positivity so typical of LA power agents. “I mean, it’s a little bit more challenging, but I think with challenge comes reinvention, and with reinvention comes spectacular things,” said list winner Blair Chang of The Agency. “I always see the glass half full no matter what. But we still have a great year. And it was really fun.”

Anthony Marguleas, F. Ron Smith and David Berg at the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards.

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

Indeed, in an industry notorious for snooping and slander, the glittering evening was free from the resentment commonly associated with the industry, even with gentle goading. When asked if there was anyone he wasn’t looking forward to, Bond Street Partners’ David Parnes grinned. “I look forward to seeing everyone,” he said. “Honestly, it’s just nice to come together with the industry and appreciate and celebrate each other. So no, I’m really, really thankful that we were included. truthfully. You won’t get more from me than that!”

But don’t be fooled – these agents came to the top for a reason. When former pro basketball player Marco Salari of Coldwell Banker, a THR As a 2022 Rising Star nominee, he was asked who was more competitive — a Los Angeles real estate agent or a basketball player — and he smiled. “I would say real estate.”

Also made the rounds THR The creators of the Top 30 list Jade Mills from Coldwell Banker, Drew Fenton and Justin Paul Huchel from Hilton & Hyland, Santiago Arana and Blair Chang from The Agency, Rochelle Atlas Maize from Nourmand & Associates, Ikem Chukumerije from The Ikem Company, Tomer Fridman from Compass, Carl Gambino and F Ron Smith and David Berg from the Smith & Berg Team, Juliette Hohnen from Douglas Elliman, Anthony Marguleas from Amalfi Estates and Angel Salvador from The Beverly Hills Estates.

See the full list of nominees and winners, along with additional photos, below:

STRATOSPHERIC SALE AWARD (for a large retail sale)

Aaron Kirman, Compass

Kurt Rappaport, Westside Real Estate Agency (WINNER)

Branden and Rayni Williams, The Beverly Hills Estates


Chris Cortazzo, Compass

Anthony Marguleas, Amalfi Estates

Joyce Rey, Coldwell Banker (WINNER)

CELEBRITY PROPERTY PORTFOLIO AWARD (to a Hollywood client’s trusted agent)

Tomer Fridman, compass

James Harris and David Parnes of Bond Street Partners, The Agency

Branden and Rayni Williams, The Beverly Hills Estates (WINNER)

AGENT OF HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE AWARD (for an agent who takes special care of venerable residences)

Drew Fenton, Hilton & Hyland

Linda May, Hilton & Hyland (WINNER)

Jade Mills, Coldwell banker

MEDIA MAVERICK AWARD (for innovative marketing)

Josh and Matt Altman, The Altman Brothers at Douglas Elliman (WINNER)

Rochelle Atlas Maize, Nourmand & Associates

Umansky Team, The Agency


Kati Cattaneo, Sotheby’s International Realty

Jacob Greene, Douglas Elliman (WINNER)

Marco Salari, Coldwell banker

Kevin Stewart, The Agency

Caroline Wolf of the Jenna Cooper Team, Compass

Alexis Lopez, Victoria Doyle and Erin Norman of The Society Group, Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim of Selling Sunset and Alexander Ali, CEO of The Society Group, at the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards.

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Image

Compass’s Caroline Wolf and Sotheby’s International Realty’s Kati Cattaneo at the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards.

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

Coldwell bankers Marco Salari and The Agency’s Kevin Stewart at the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards.

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

ASH Staging’s Samantha Atlas, Mary Fitzgerald, Jason Oppenheim and ASH’s Andrew Bowen at the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards.

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

REAL’s Thomas Ma speaks onstage during the 2022 LA Power Broker Awards presented by The Hollywood Reporter and The Society Group at Home on September 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Jesse Grant/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

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