The Enigma of Mithril and Middle-earth’s Political History

Benjamin Walker as High King Gil-galad Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power remains a controversial show, even if the initial wave of backlash has abated somewhat in recent weeks, with fandom taking a more measured stance on the Amazon adaptation and even acknowledging some of its sparsely available strengths. Something even tells us that it will remain controversial long after the series ends after its intended five-season run, if for nothing except that it deviates only slightly from JRR Tolkien’s established lore.

Now fans are wondering if The Rings of Power has sacrilegiously gone its own way in relation to mithril, other viewers are wondering whether or not Middle-earth should be remotely political, as it currently is, Númenor.

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Who were those people dressed in white in episode 5?

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Young British actor Anson Boon, who many believe portrays none other than Sauron himself, finally made his debut in the latest film Rings of Power Consequence. Short as it was, the performance got the online community into a frenzy. It’s not entirely certain who these white-clad individuals are – even by consulting Tolkien’s books – but we’re definitely enjoying the mystery of it all and trying to make a few educated guesses while we’re at it.

Did The Rings of Power just rewrite mithril?

Durin IV shows mithril
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Mitíthril appears to play a large part in the narrative of Amazon’s adaptation, although there are few records of its existence going back to the earlier ages of Middle-earth. what’s more The Rings of Power essentially adds to Tolkien’s lore by giving the Miracle Ore a mythical backstory in which an Elven warrior battles a Balrog of Morgoth for dominion over a tree. According to Gil-galad, mithril contains the essence of light and shadow, but if we consulted canon what would we find of its origins in Tolkien’s writings?

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Should Middle-earth be more politically correct?

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Tolkienists know all too well that the author vehemently despised allegory and used his escapist work as a vehicle to convey a message to readers. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a large part of the reason why fandom is on the fence when it comes to it The Rings of Power is the constant fear that Amazon could turn this adaptation into another politically correct drama. So far in their estimates, they haven’t been able to see any sign of the series “waking up,” but with Númenor and its politics constantly taking center stage, how long will it be before we hear any comparisons to real-life upheavals? Not a moment too soon, we hope.

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That’s all we have for you today, but tune in tomorrow to learn more about the world of Middle-earth.

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