The Durango Herald wins 34 awards in Colorado press competition – The Durango Herald

Newspaper recognized for design, photography, public service and breaking news

Durango Police Chief Bob Brammer pursues Jonah Barrett-Lesko in the Animas River in Santa Rita Park on September 21, 2021 after escaping from the La Plata County Jail. Barrett-Lesko finally gave up without a fight. (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

The Durango Herald won 34 press awards including the Sweepstakes Award for Best in Class at the Colorado Press Association’s annual competition last weekend.

Total the herald won 18 first place awards and 15 second place awards. That’s more awards than any other media company that entered the competition, which included 57 print and online publications. Six of the awards went to advertising and 27 to the herald‘s Newsroom, including nine to photo editor Jerry McBride.

“I love the approach of telling personal stories and also getting the sources to offer political solutions,” wrote one judge at the award ceremony herald an award for public service.

The competition included editorial, promotional, photographic and design work published from November 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021.

That herald competed in a class with seven other publications, including Colorado Newsline and Montrose Daily Press. Earlier this year, the newspaper won 34 press awards in the Top of the Rockies competition.

“That herald has talented reporters, editors, and page designers — and Jerry McBride — but without readers and advertisers their labor would be for naught,” said Richard G. Ballantine, chairman of the board of Ballantine Communications Inc., the parent company of Herald

“Thanks to those who use them herald in print and digital to follow and participate in what is happening in the city and county and to support and grow their businesses,” he added. “Being recognized by judges who are knowledgeable about journalism is rewarding, but community use and support means the most.”

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CPA awards include:

Breaking News/Deadline Reporting: “Colorado father sentenced to prison for killing 13-year-old son Dylan Redwine,” culminating in a 9-year murder investigation that saw Mark Redwine sentenced to 48 years in prison for the death of his son Shane Benjamin, first place .

Breaking News/Deadline Reporting: “Man Escapes La Plata County Jail, Gets Arrested in the Animas River,” about a man who escaped from the La Plata County Jail but was arrested 26 minutes later by police who dumped him in the Animas River chased, by Nicholas A. Johnson and Benjamin, second place.

Jake Riggs goes through about 15 different makeup sessions while transforming into Aria PettyOne in his Durango apartment before hosting drag/quiz night Beam Me Up Starlight at the Starlight Lounge. (File by Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

history of education: “Bayfield Middle School Accused of Banning LGBTQ Novel,” on a young adult novel, “Aristotle and Dante Uncover the Mysteries of the Universe,” in which LGBTQ content is removed from a classroom library, by Shannon Mullane, First Place .

history of education: “White supremacy-related hate symbol displayed at Durango school board meeting,” about a woman who digitally displayed a white supremacy and neo-Nazi symbol during a Durango School District 9-R meeting, Christian Burney, runner-up .

write headlines: For a series of headlines, by David Buck, first place.

Healthcare Company/Health Feature Story: “Rapid tests remain elusive in fight against COVID-19”, by Aedan Hannon, runner-up.

Humorous column writing: “Political Signs of the Past, Present, and Future,” from an Action Line column on all the political signs that lingered after the 2020 election, by John Peel, runner-up.

Investigative Story Pack: “Nugget Mountain Bar and La Plata County Battle Over Permission,” about the struggles the Nugget Mountain Bar with county permission endured after building a patio and outdoor fireplace, Hannon, first place.

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news post: “New La Plata County Judge Values ​​Rehabilitation, Not Prisons,” a deep dive into the legal philosophy of La Plata County Court Judge Anne Woods, by Jonathan Romeo, First Place.

news post: “‘Great Resignation’ Hits Snowplow Drivers: ‘Some (People) Will Not Be Happy With Service Level'”, on a shortage of snowplow drivers and the City of Durango’s warning to residents that roads may not be cleared quickly and often as they used to , by Hannon, second place.

Public Service Project: “What’s Best for Durango’s Homeless?” four vignettes about four Durango-area residents who were homeless and how they found shelter, by Mullane, second place.

Jasper, a 2-year-old Maine Coon/grey tabby mix, relaxes after a bath while Leah Salazar, a groomer at the Pet Haus Groom Room, holds him and Katie Ratko, salon manager, blow-drys him. Jasper is owned by Jade Graves and this is his second visit to the salon to have his fur and nails trimmed before taking a bath. (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

Serious column writing: For monthly columns on life and history in the South West, by Andrew Gulliford, first place.

Write a sports column: “Livi in ​​the Lift: May it be Love in the Lift?” a column about two people who take first place in the lift queue at Purgatory Resort, John Livingston.

Sport or sporting event history: “Bodewes Overcomes Hallucinations and Finishes Second in Colorado Trail Race,” on Durango cyclist Will Bodewes’ harrowing journey to finish the 526-mile Colorado Trail Race in about 4½ days, Cody Olivas, 1st.

Mike Solberg competes in the bareback horseback riding competition during the Ute Mountain Roundup Rodeo June 11 at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds. (File by Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

Story of a young journalist: “Will the child tax credit be extended by another year?” on US Senator Michael Bennet’s efforts to extend the child tax credit, by Kelsey Carolan, an intern for the herald from the American University in Washington, DC, first place.

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Best Newsletter: “Your Morning Updates”, our seven-day-a-week morning newsletter, from herald Employee, second place. (Readers can sign up for newsletters by visiting and scrolling to the bottom of the home page.)

feature photo: “Cat Bath,” McBride, first place.

feature photo: “Durango Drag Scene”, McBride, runner-up.

news photo: “Memorial of Jadah”, McBride, first place.

news photo: “Prison Break”, McBride, second place.

page design: “It’s Close,” the Page 1A design for the 2020 election results, Buck, first place.

page design: “To the moon,” a print page for Arts & Entertainment featuring a story about a Durango artist’s painting that is launched into space as part of a lunar time capsule, by Katie Chicklinski-Cahill, runner-up.

Photo Slideshow Gallery or Photo Essay: “49. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic”, McBride, first place.

Photo Slideshow Gallery or Photo Essay: “Wildfire Breaks Out”, McBride, second place.

photography portfolio: A complete photo portfolio of McBride, first place.

sports photography: “Bronc Busting”, McBride, first place.

sports photography: “Up”, McBride, first place.

In the commercial:

Special section advertising: “Best of Durango” by Hunter Harrell, Tad Smith, Wes Rowell, Wade Campbell and Jamie Opalenik, First Place.

Special section advertising: “Flavor Four Corners Dining Guide Spring/Summer”, by Harrell, Smith, Bridget Williams, Terrance Siemon and Cole Davis, runner-up.

Editorial special: “Healthy Living Fall – Men & Women”, by Harrell, Smith, Rowell, Campbell and Opalenik, first place.

Editorial special: “Nonprofit & Volunteer Guide”, by Harrell, Smith, Rowell, Campbell and Opalenik, second place.

cover design: “Explore Ouray” by Harrell, Smith, Williams, Opalenik and Kelly Bulkley, First Place.

cover design: “Flavor Four Corners Dining Guide Fall/Winter” by Harrell, Smith, Rowell and Opalenik, runner-up.

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