The best gadgets of 2022: outstanding techy treats

Surprisingly, despite all the supply chain disruptions and component shortages, 2022 brought out some really cool gadgets.

From foldable phones to convention-busting earphones, home beer dispensers and portable gaming PCs, we’ve had no shortage of notable gizmos to play with over the past 12 months. Covering the world of technology in 2022 is certainly a pleasure.

Some of our picks for the best gadgets of the year are downright useful, while others are downright simple. The most important thing they have in common is that they all presented something slightly different from their peers.

Here, then, are the favorite gadgets of 2022. Don’t forget to vote for your pick if you want to see it climb the list.

The best gadgets of 2022

Many pubs and taprooms were forced to close in 2022 as rents rose and lockdown hangovers set in, forcing many to drink at home. We are grateful for the PerfectDraft Pro, a great beer dispenser that keeps your beer properly stored between 0°C and 12°C. When it’s time to serve your beverage, Smart Pour technology ensures a smooth delivery worthy of your beloved departed craft beer bar.

Note: Some PerfectDraft bundles are currently on a decent £120 discount for Christmas, so visit the site and choose which one suits you best.

Amazon went big with its latest Kindle, resulting in the most immersive e-reader experience ever. The Kindle Scribe has a lot more to offer than a huge 10.2-inch E-ink display, however, with a bundled stylus turning this e-reader into a great digital writing tool. Add a battery life that can last you weeks instead of days, and it can be a great tool for jotting down ideas on the fly.

Samsung further refined its popular compact foldable phone format in 2022, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 proving to be the most accessible phone of its kind. Not only does it cost less than £1,000 (just around), but the Galaxy Z Flip4’s clamshell design makes it super easy to slip into a trouser pocket. Unfold its 6.7-inch display, and you have a no-compromise flagship smartphone.

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Apple presented arguably the boldest smartwatch of the year in the Apple Watch Ultra. With a rugged military-grade design, extra hardware controls, features dedicated to diving, and up to 36 hours of battery life, it’s the rare smartwatch that’s ready for some rough and tumble. Meanwhile, a bigger and brighter display makes it the best Apple Watch ever. It’s not cheap, but for those who lead an active lifestyle, the Apple Watch Ultra is a uniquely overqualified smartwatch.

Every consumer tech company worth its salt has a decent set of true wireless earphones on its roster these days, and they’re all pretty much the same. Thank heavens for Sony, which released the exotic LinkBuds in early 2022. These figure-of-eight buds feature a literal hole in the center of each earpiece, allowing you to stay exceptionally connected to your surroundings. They still look great.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are a bit time-consuming, and they’re no more comprehensive than the Sage Barista Express Empress. It will do almost everything for you in the coffee-making process, from roasting the beans and washing the cups to grinding the coffee beans to frothing your milk. Between these steps it will produce the perfect espresso according to the particular coffee beans you use.

Moleskine’s smart notepad set combines the tactile writing experience of a classic pen and paper with the digital storage convenience of a tablet. Scribble in the stylish notebook using a real pen, and your music will magically be uploaded to the cloud for later reference on your chosen smart device or computer. Your writing will even be transcribed into digital text for your convenience. It really is the best of both worlds.

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More than five years after its initial release, the Nintendo Switch is starting to look a little long in the tooth. Valve’s Steam Deck arrived at the perfect time to give traveling gamers a little puncher to play with. This chunky device is essentially a fully-fledged gaming laptop further shrunk into a handheld form factor, providing full access to your Steam PC games library and a full suite of control options. .

After debuting with the Nothing Ear (1) earphones in 2021, the Nothing Phone (1) sees the British startup take a fresh approach to the smartphone format. The company’s vision includes a daringly wide light-up design, solid performance, a good camera and a stylish custom UI at about half the price of the iPhone 14. It might make you think twice about spending more on your next phone.

The B&O Beoplay Portal is the closest thing to a set of ‘everything headphones’ we’ve seen yet. On the one hand, these premium cans will take your PlayStation, PC and Switch gaming to another level. On the other hand, they also have the great design and impeccable sound quality to serve as your primary personal audio supplier. Bluetooth connectivity, ANC, and multi-point support round out a truly comprehensive headphone package.

There’s no doubt that the phone we’ve used the most this year is the delight of the Google Pixel 7 Pro handset. The camera is fantastic, although it relies more on the software than the lens, the results are always excellent. The look is great even with a single-view camera array on the back and we’re always looking for the best Android experience, which the Pixel range will always deliver.

Yes, Sennheiser has changed the design of its Momentum headphones range but we can forgive the lack of industrial look as these headphones are the most comfortable and best used this year. With a massive 60-hour battery life and sophisticated noise cancellation, they’ve rarely left our ears since we tested them.

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We are fond of flip phones and the Motorola Razr (2022) exceeded our expectations when it was on our test bench. While the first reboot of the Razr was fun, it felt a little lacking in the technology it offered. It, though, is faster in its specs with flagship performance, a sleek new design and improved camera tech. It’s not just for those thinking about the past — it could also point to the future of the smartphone.

Sky Stream is Sky in the UK which is a major push into streaming in a proper way. Not to be confused with its NOW streaming service, it pretty much offers a full-fledged Sky service that doesn’t require a dish or big box. It’s true that you can’t record to a dedicated hard drive, but it does everything you need, in a fraction of the real estate space, and at a reasonable price.

Usually AV companies forget about people with small rooms, offering audio kit that has too much power for the spaces inside them. Enter the Sonos Submini – it was a standout for us in 2022, as it meant we could now have a modest living room. A fantastic booming soundscape, without the neighbors shouting at us too much. It’s easy to set up, fits the likes of the smaller Sonos Beam soundbar and looks fantastic too.

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Additional reporting: Mark Chocksfield


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