Texas fires coach Chris Beard for cause following arrest on felony charge of assaulting fiancée

Texas State announced the firing of basketball coach Chris Baird on Thursday, nearly a month after the program Arrested for 3rd degree aggravated assault for allegedly strangling, biting and assaulting his fiancee at his home.

“The University of Texas has parted ways with Chris Beard,” Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte said in a statement. “This was a difficult situation that we worked through diligently. Today I informed Mr. Sahal of my decision to terminate his employment with immediate effect.”

Beard was fired for cause, sources told CBS Sports. That leaves him with no salary or buyout rights from the seven-year, $35 million contract he signed with the Longhorns before the 2021-22 season. This contract is scheduled to last until 2028.

A source told CBS Sports that Del Conte was not the one who made the decision to fire Sahal, but that the decision was made by other university officials.

Beard Attorney Perry Minton A lengthy letter was sent to James Davis, UT’s vice president for legal affairs Thursday morning, UT learned it was moving to fire its client

“I was shocked by the information you shared with me this morning. After this process and positive changes, Coach Beard stands by his claim that he is not guilty of any wrongdoing and has done “(a)nothing unbecoming of a head coach. and reflect poorly on the university, or (b) committed a felony.” I expect the Travis County District Attorney will drop all charges very soon because of his arrest and subsequent retraction of his fiancee’s previously reported testimony. problem.”

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“Chris Beard has engaged in unacceptable conduct that renders him unfit to serve as a head coach at our university,” UT said in part in its response to Mr. Minton. “It seems to be a false assumption that the outcome of the criminal process determines Mr. Beard’s employment outcome. But these are different processes and different decision makers consider different factors.

“We understand that some, but not all, of the reports regarding Mr. Beard’s behavior have been retracted,” the letter continued. “Some conduct is concerned with the actual conduct of the person, not whether it constitutes a crime.”

Minton later released a statement saying Beard was “disappointed by the news” of his firing and questioned the extent of Texas’ knowledge of the reasons and events that led to Beard’s firing.

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“They fired Coach Sahl without asking him or his fiancee a single question,” Minton wrote.

After the arrest, Texas placed Beard indefinitely on Dec. 12. From that day on, he wasn’t allowed around the team.

“The university takes the issue of violence among members of its community seriously,” UT said in a Dec. 12 statement.

Beard’s fiancee, Randy Trew, told the police on the night of the incident that Beard choked me, threw me off the bed, bit me, bruised my legs, threw me around and knocked me unconscious. report.

Eleven days later, on December 23 Trew retracted his original statement. Through his attorney, Trew claimed he initiated the “fight.” She said Beard didn’t choke her the night she called 911 in the early hours of Dec. 12, and that she didn’t tell police anything else, despite the arrest report. Trew did not deny that Beard acted in self-defense that evening.

When police interviewed Trew on Dec. 12, he had visible wounds and signs of a struggle. The arrest report notes that Trew Austin told police, “I couldn’t breathe, and he did it for maybe 5 seconds.”

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Trew denied the allegations, saying, “I never intended to arrest or prosecute him.”

As of Thursday, criminal charges against Beard had not been dismissed by the local district attorney’s office in Austin, Texas. Sahl’s next court appearance is scheduled for January 18.

Beard, a Texas graduate, was hired in April 2021 after five successful seasons at Texas Tech. No. 6 Texas is 12-2 in five of six games under interim coach Rodney Terry since Beard’s suspension. The Longhorns play at Oklahoma State on Saturday.

“Thanks to coach Rodney Terry for his exemplary leadership on and off the pitch at a time when our team needed it most,” Del Conte added. “We are grateful that he will serve as interim head coach for the remainder of the season. We are proud of the athletes, coaches and staff who have continued to make us proud to be Longhorns during this difficult time.”


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