Sunlight detergent hosts fashion entrepreneurs in business skills workshop at LWF2022

As Lagos, the fashion capital of the world celebrated Africa as shaping the future of fashion at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2022, Sunlight detergent company hosted small and large scale fashion entrepreneurs in a business skills workshop session during the fashion weekend on Saturday 29th October 2022 .

Held at the tiny Balmoral at the Federal Palace Hotel Lagos, the event witnessed speakers such as Tosin Olaseinde, CEO of Money Africa, Claire Idera, Founder of CI Workshop, and Shola Babatunde CEO of OSC fashion while invitees got first lecture on how to run a fashion business for the local and global market.

Tosin Olaseinde was the first speaker introduced by the moderator of the event, Kemi Ogunleye, who spoke on the topic “How to invest in a recession”, in his speech he mentioned that people in the fashion business should learn how to pay themselves a structured salary from their business income rather than dipping into their business account.

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He also advised that they should get a business name and account, track expenses by separating business expenses from personal expenses, use technical software, and applications, invest in their personal capacity, etc.

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Claire Idera spoke on the topic “How to monetize your creativity”. He mentioned that business owners should know their value because it gives them more confidence, and identify their Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. He also emphasized on self-introspection to know what they are good at and do seamlessly. In his speech, he explained how he started his business starting from making N5000 for work he charged over N1 million and advised potential business owners to start their business regardless of their age or recent trends .

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Idera added that business owners should give back to the community by passing on the knowledge and skills they learned and acquired while building their business from scratch to other owners. of business who are younger or less experienced than them through mentoring programs.

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Shola Babatunde, the final speaker of the event spoke on how to run a successful fashion business in a challenging environment. He said that one should know themselves and create a niche for themselves. In his speech, he said, “You can’t target everyone and they want to sell to everyone who makes men’s, women’s clothing, shoes, bags, and makeup but it’s best to understand your target market.”

Being in the fashion business for more than 20 years Babatunde provided some of the criteria to understand a target market as age, gender, location, and disposable income.



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