SoulRS heads up display for cyclists

SoulRS heads-up display for cyclists

Cyclists looking for a more convenient way to follow directions from their phone may be interested in a new heads-up display designed specifically for cyclists called SoulRS. Suitable for both cycling helmets and motorcycle helmets. Civil RS There is a bright display that can be held in front of your eyes to help you see directions easily and navigate more safely.

As well as providing live navigation and directions, the heads-up display also provides your speed, received messages, incoming calls and the date and time. The Soul RS is easy to install on your existing helmet and uses a strong adhesive pad to hold the mount in place allowing you to easily slide the display on when needed. A companion application compatible with both Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems allows you to make connections via Bluetooth. Baker early bird pledges are now available for the novel project for around $119 or £97. (Depending on current exchange rate).

“Your eyes need to refocus from looking at the road to something closer, whether it’s looking at your devices, your navigation system, or the smartphone on your handlebars. SoulRS’s The main advantage is that you can see through the display without having to adjust your eyes. The focal length of the image is chosen to reflect the specific distance at which you fix your eyes while riding. You SoulRS can keep their eyes on the road where they belong.”

Heads up display

Head-up display for cyclists and motorcycles

Sol RS is a heads-up display that is compatible with all motorcycle and motorbike helmets. SoulRS’s bright and intuitive display keeps the screen clearly visible at all times. The screen is practically invisible. From which the way forward is clear. SouIRS connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, making it very easy to set up and start using.”

If the SoulRS crowdfunding campaign successfully reaches its desired pledge goal and the project goes smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected around July 2023. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the SoulRS heads-up display project.

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Easy to install on a motorcycle or bicycle helmet, using a strong adhesive pad. without damaging the helmet. The mounting plate breaks on it. This plate is attached to the Sol RS, which appears firmly in position. We designed the SoulRS to be compatible with the majority of motorcycle and bicycle helmets. We’ve included a quick release mechanism that makes it easy to remove the unit from your helmet or swap it between helmets. The SoulRS has been tested at speeds of up to 70 MPH (112 KM/H). The aerodynamic design makes the Sol RS part of the helmet.

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, additional media and more features for the heads-up display, visit the official Sol RS crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.

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