Science Comedy Strings Attached Completes Off-Broadway Run October 1

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science comedy strings attached Complete the Off-Broadway run on October 1st

Carole Buggé’s Theater Row show follows three scientists who are visited by Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Max Planck.

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Robyne Parrish, Brian Richardson, and Paul Schoeffler strings attached
John Quilty

The limited edition of Carole Buggé’s new piece strings attached plays its final performance on October 1st on Theater Row. The off-Broadway science comedy began previews on August 29 ahead of its September 8 premiere.

Alexa Kelly hosts the show with Robyne Parrish (A man named OttoHBO Max gossip girl), Brian Richardson (A man for all time), Paul Schoeffler (Sweet charity), Bonnie Black, Jonathan Hadley (Jersey boys) and Russell Saylor.

Three scientists board a train from Cambridge to London to see Michael Frayn’s play Copenhagen (which premiered in London in 1988 and was filmed in 2002). Along the way, they discover a theory of the Big Bang and are visited by famous scientists from the past, such as Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Max Planck, in this play based on true events.

Paul Schoeffler, Jonathan Hadley, Russell Saylor, and Bonnie Black in strings attached
John Quilty

“I was so moved by the story of these three remarkable physicists that I felt compelled to write about them,” playwright Buggé said in a previous statement. “This is actually my second play to dramatize this historic train journey. Provocative, universal and theatrical in nature, the true story that inspired me strings Appropriate transcends physics at its core to reflect the relationships, love and loss of these extraordinary scientists on a shared existential journey.”

The production includes scenic design by Jessica Parks, lighting design by Joyce Liao, costume design by Elena Vannoni, videography by Katerina Vitaly and sound design by Louis Lopardi. Elizabeth Grunewald is Production Stage Manager, John Lant is Production Manager, Joseph Longthorne is Production Company Manager and Christine Cirker is Associate Producer. Casting is by Jamibeth Margolis.

It is presented by Off-Broadway’s Pulse Theatre.



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