Science Adventure Fans Unite To Save Chaos;Head Noah From Unjustifiable Steam Ban

Last week, publisher Spike Chunsoft announced plans to stop porting the science adventure visual novel to Steam Chaos; head Noah due to Valve’s censorship policy. For those who don’t know, this is an enhanced version of the first entry in the franchise, and no version of this title has seen an official western release in its myriad console ports. While it’s finally set to grace the West on Nintendo Switch, its cancellation on Steam is completely unjustified and deserves as many eyes as realistically possible.

Dedicated fan group Operation Hidden Hand known for being instrumental in its creation Robotics; Notes Elite and its direct sequel hyphen get localized, has launched a new movement with the ultimate goal of lifting the ban Chaos; head Noah from the Steam storefront.

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The effective reasons for the unjustification of this prohibition are as follows:

  1. Chaos; head Noah has already been rated by ESRB and PEGI and will be released for Nintendo Switch without any problems. Several retailers will even carry the title, so there’s no reason Steam should be an outlier.
  2. Several other entries in the Science Adventure franchise; these beings Stein’s gate, Pitchers; Goal 0, Steins; Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram, Steins; Gate My Darling’s Embrace, Robotics; Notes Elite, Robotics;Notes DaSHand even Chaos; child are all available on Steam.
  3. Valve has allowed games with similar content on its platform and has an undeniable bias against the visual novel medium.
  4. Countless inappropriate games with objectionable content and graphics are available on the Steam storefront. There are drastic inconsistencies in what Valve considers appropriate for their platform, causing irreparable, unnecessary harm to numerous developers and publishers.
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For those who yearn to make their voice heard, there are currently three steps one can take:

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Tweet using the hashtags #SaveChaosHead and #SaveSciADV.
  3. Spread this message by word of mouth. Informing others of this unfair ban for the above reasons can be truly meaningful as they help illustrate Valve’s poor judgment. You can also let others know about this game’s ban by emphasizing connectivity Stein’s gatewhich might catch your attention due to the far greater worldwide cultural presence of this title.

The campaign has other phases and plans to increase traction, so these steps are not the only actions Operation Hidden Hand will take.


Operation Hidden Hand, its staff and many other fans know it’s all an uphill battle. Such efforts may be unsuccessful as trying to change Valve’s stance on the matter is borderline pipe dream as their previous instances of bans have not been accompanied by additional reactions. However, if you think about how Chaos; head Noah is arguably the most well-known visual novel Steam has banned and with that traction steadily growing, I believe this fan goal is at least plausible.

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In a personal note, chaos head is one of the most impressive visual novels I have ever experienced. I even talked before about why it’s my favorite visual novel of all time. And for the science-adventure community, this unjustified ban is indescribably cruel and excruciating. Chaos; head Noah has long been yearned for in the West, and when such a huge, accessible market loses its presence, it’s only natural that we do everything we can to right that mistake.

Even if you’re not a science-adventure fan yourself, I sincerely hope that you’ll at least consider giving your voice to this cause, as we’re going to need as many people as possible to counter Valve’s ridiculous actions.

chaos head

If you want more information about this fan promotion, you can follow the Twitter account Operation Hidden Handalong with his distinguished staff, committee from zero and Kiri Kiri Basara.

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For those curious about other instances of Steam unfairly banning visual novels, we have written an in-depth article detailing these incidents and their harmfulness.

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Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child double pack will be released on October 7, 2022 for Nintendo Switch in the West.

Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child double pack is a physical release of the collection that includes both games, a steel book, and the lingerie DLC. Regarding this, the official website states that the fictional waifu, Seira Orgel, will not adorn her lingerie costume DLC for the North American and European releases.

Chaos: Head Noah can be viewed as the Director’s Cut version of the original chaos head This was a PC only release in Japan. Noah Added character routes and released for multiple consoles in Japan. Unfortunately no edition of chaos head has ever received an official localization.

Chaos; child is a visual novel set 6 years after Chaos; head Noah, which focuses on a new group of protagonists. This title has received an official English localization by publisher PQube on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and by publisher Spike Chunsoft on PC via Steam.