Rustling Vale Walkthrough (Part 2)

This is our second part Sports history The brochure will cover the Rustling Vale exploration. By following this guide, players can learn how to get rid of the three members of the Iron Dragon, calm the bees, and solve the case involving ownership of Rustling Vale. For those looking for a guide to the first part, check this out Sports history Part 1.

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Sports history players can now exit the PureStrike Hotel and take a few steps forward on the map PureStrike Mall.

purestrike mall sports history

Once inside the mall, players will have to quickly race Calliope. The fastest person to catch ten blue flags in that area will win a 10% discount coupon. The flags are easy enough to find – just press B to run all the time.

Get your sports card

Players will find the License Shop to the left of the girl at the front desk, but once inside, there’s no attendant, so they won’t be able to check in. In the meantime, head to the shop to the right of the flag racing girl. The man inside will tell you that he’s out of putters, but players can pick up the putter hanging on the left side of the shop.

lens shop sports history

Just hit some crates with the A button to clear a path and bring the shooter to the cashier. He will sell it for $2.00. After your purchase, head to the back of the store for a free lesson. Players can earn coupons themselves if they surprise the two men in the back corner.

A historical lens of the sport of putter

If players don’t have enough money to buy a putter, they can earn spare money by finding various objects like plants and flowers.

With a new Putter in hand, head back to the License Shop. Players can now purchase licenses by talking to the man in the hat. However, they will need to receive $4.75 before doing so.

After coughing up the coin, players will have to talk to the old woman and answer some character questions. It doesn’t seem to affect the plot or anything, so don’t worry about what to choose. Then choose a cameraman pose. This will actually have some effect, as this pose will appear in the menu on your license card.

Finally, Sports history players will have a Class C sports license.

Meet Lara in Rustling Vale

After getting the license, head outside for a quick chat with Lara. Exit PureStrike Mall and head north to find Rustling Vale.

a sensational sports story

Eliminate the iron dragons

Talk to the old man next to the front door and he will ask the players to take out three members of the Iron Dragon, a yakuza-looking group of villains.

Players can use the water pump located next to the Lodge to clean any dirty golf balls.

Get an ax for lumberjacks

history of the golden ax sport

Upon entering the lodge, players will find a group of men in the back. Approach them to start the mission. Players will need to find an ax before they can talk to the group again.

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Head northwest of the Lodge to find an area with a bell tower. Talk to the orange haired guy to start a mini game. Take the pine cone and throw it five times at the metal gate to get a punch card on your license.

sports history kick goal

Go left at the Rustling Vale entrance sign to find the Bauer Family Farm. Arriving here will start a new quest for the axe.

Bauer Family Farm Sports History

Players can earn From behind by searching mailboxes and other places. These can be given to a woman near the Rustling Vale sign. The symbol wheel will be fixed and he will reward players with $8.45.

Save Roscoe the cat from the bees

Go to the back of the farm and carefully walk through the corn without touching the bees. If you touch one, you will have to restart the activity. Go past the cat to find a duck. It will fly over the lake and players can pick up frogs that appear nearby. Now take Roscoe and go to the front of the farmhouse.

history of duck sports

The players will get it Kob bread instead of saving the cat. With bread in hand, go to the woodcutter to get an axe.

history of lumberjack bread sports

However, the lumberjack will want it Virgin wood chips in exchange. For now, go back to the guys with the ax southwest of the lumberjack.

sports history golden ax history

Face the black door

The group wants to find what the lumberjack wants, the Virgin Wood Chips. Check out the group at mysterious black door passed the bell tower. This area is north of the Lodge.

History of Black Gate Sports

Follow the lumberjacks

When the players come to the gate, the crow will scare the group. They now want to move and go to the Fabled Blur Birdbox. This bird box is south of the lumberjack’s place and is surrounded by bees.

blue bird box sports history

A nearby crow will drop a piece Flintstone. Take the flint to the ax guy on the left, one near the pile of branches. He lights a fire, and then players must stand on it and hit golf balls at the bees near the bird box. Inside the group you will find a Golden Egg. Now they want to go to the forest behind the woodcutter’s house.

If players point to one screen to the right of the center square, they can see a guy near a large windmill with an arrow above his head.

sports history windmill boat water

We completed his challenge to fill the last hole in our punch card. Players can redeem Punch Tickets at the License Store.

Find out how to deal with bees / Check out the bees on the farm

Before taking a walk with the ax crew, stop at a pile of wood used to scare off the bees. But now head for the beehive behind the farmhouse.

history of beehive sports

It will make the bees rest. However, players will have to catch all the bees in the hive.

Catch all the bees in the hive

After entering the backyard through the side door, go up to the beehive and get it. Now players will need to catch nine bees. Just walk up to them and they will enter the nest themselves. After completing the task, One of the Iron Dragon members get too close to the hive and the bees will come out and scare it away. He will also fall a Bird Cage Keywhich we will use later.

Be sure to enter the farmhouse before picking up your luggage Corn in the kitchen. Also has a 10% coupon drawer.

What do I do with the corn on the cob?

Take Cob to the girl standing to the left of the Rustling Vale sign. He will give you honey, which greatly reduces the distance you can jump.

For now, let’s go back to check on the ax crew near the lumberjack’s house. If you talk to them, they will tell you that you need to fire the Iron Dragon before you can continue your journey.

The second Iron Dragon member

We’ve already taken care of the first Iron Dragon member by completing the bee version of the farmhouse, but players can go to the left side of the inn to find the second member. Talk to the girl on the path below the iron dragon guy and she will tell you to fill the hole with sand. Once players do this, they will complete his golf challenge.

the history of the sport of golf

Players will receive $1.00 and a punch card for their license. Iron Dragon will ask young players to ring the bell from where they are now. After players successfully hit the target, he will slide. And players like the first member will get hands The second key to the birdcage.

the main story of the first birdcage sport

The third Iron Dragon member

Now go back to the Iron Dragon guy standing near the lumberjack’s place. He won’t let players into the field, but players can head north on the path to find a secret door.

In the next section, use the ax to cut down the trees to cross the river. Take the south path between the trees. Open the chest to find a rebound ball.

Talk to the girl who was training in the report area and she will show the players how to turn the pumpkin. When he finally leaves with his father/trainer, so does the Iron Dragon member. Now back to the ax gang.

Distract the lumberjack

The group wants the player to distract the lumberjack. Give him three cogs to make his windmill work again. We found gear everywhere by dealing with bird boxes. After the mini-golf game is over, players will receive their punch cards.

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Go on a quest to find virgin wood chips

Enter the lumberjack’s backyard and open the chest to find the Crazy Ball, which has more range but less accuracy. Head to the forest path to find a group trying to open a locked door with an egg.

history of the pine ax sport

Knock on the pine tree to enter the area on the left. Walk a little further and the crow will drop the Flintstone again. Go to the pile of pine needles and throw a fireball at the bees. Go north and destroy the tree.

Follow the ax man to the tall pine tree and chop it down Virgin wood chips as a lumberjack. After a short scene, players will finally meet Lara.

Get it before you meet him Virgin wood chips Get a mahogany club from a lumberjack.

Play golf with Lara

Go to the clubhouse to find Lara. Remember the Iron Dragon member hitting the truck with a bat? The building is there. Talk to Lara to start a match against her.

sports history of lara club

The bad guys come back during the game and spoil Lara’s stuff. Men will throw another Bird Cage Key, then the game starts. Once this is done, players will get another shot at their card.

Release Slybeaks from the cage

Players can now free birds with three birdcage keys in hand. There are three grids:

  • Next to the hotel.
  • Next to the lumberjack’s house.
  • On the cliff to the west of the bell tower.

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After freeing the birds, a strange door near the bell tower will drop down.

Visit the bird lady

Before entering the bird lady’s house, check the mailbox for a coupon and search the bird box for gear. Also burst bubbles over the pond to get cash.

Follow the scooter

After talking to the witch, follow Scooter to the path to the right of the house. Follow the crow; will eventually cross to the west. Chop pine trees to make way. Eventually, Scooter will lead players to another bird. The door with the egg will eventually open and players can reach it by heading south. Open the treasure chest inside to find the Document.

Solve the case

After exiting the cave, the bell in the bell tower will eventually fall from being hit by golf balls all day. Enter the building to find pictures of the four owners of Rustling Vale. Their last names are Forrester, Bower, Clark and Fowler.

After solving a case, players will receive a coupon and some dollars, and they can choose a stat to upgrade.

Sports history Available for Nintendo Switch.

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