Renowned Entrepreneur Whit Fargo Launches The Fargo Academy to Teach Wealth-Building Lessons for Life and Business

Haverstraw, NY – Whitney Valcin, also known as Whit Fargo, a renowned entrepreneur, business leader, and social media marketing expert, has announced the launch of the Fargo Academy. A program built to transform lives with innovative blueprints for wealth creation, Fargo Academy will offer professional online courses in topics such as real estate, credit, and business systems to individuals learn to build wealth in modern times.

Reflecting on his own success, Whit Fargo has been able to reverse engineer the strategies and methodologies that have brought success to the world’s leading eCommerce brands and entrepreneurs, and his methods have been used by consulting firms to increase their conversions 10 times. The COVID-19 pandemic and peak inflation have changed how businesses operate, but The Fargo Academy’s online courses can help industry players navigate these changes and connect those in poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere seeking to build wealth. Whit Fargo is excited to share wealth creation blueprints for people trying to navigate these complex and changing times.

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“The economy is changing, and times are getting tougher for every entrepreneur,” said business expert and Fargo Academy founder Whit Fargo. “Every entrepreneur needs a blueprint. Our courses on topics like real estate, credit, and business systems provide the roadmaps, strategies, and methods entrepreneurs need to build wealth in this is a new era,” he added.

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Inspired by his own experiences coming from a family of immigrants, Whit Fargo knows the challenges of coming to America with nothing in mind, only to experience poverty, struggle, and near homelessness before while trying to- access to the right education in today’s economy. He is proud to present Fargo Academy to help other immigrants and people experiencing similar struggles with blueprints for success, wealth, and change.

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The Fargo Academy program includes valuable lessons from other leading entrepreneurs, including social media marketing expert Tai Lopez, motivational business speaker Gary V, marketing professional Seth Gordon, and real estate experts Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki.

To learn more about Fargo Academy, please visit, or connect with Whit Fargo and Fargo Academy on Instagram or YouTube.

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