Real estate transfers

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. Some transfers are exempt from transfer fees by law; These properties are listed without prices.


Melvin Johnson to Mary and Timothy Mick, W5918 Valley Parkway, $201,000

Maleah and Mitchell Polk to Jeffrey Butler, 2224 Hyde Ave., $225,000

Jeff and Lynn Blakeley Trust Lloyd Jr. and Sarah Sheffer, 1410 Sill St., $130,000

Michelle Segner to Chris and Julie Hussey, 2715 Burr Oak St.E., $187,000

Dianne and Richard Loomis to Lori Bixby and April Gray, 2142 Cliffview Terrace, $261,000

Ryan Villanueva to Jada Miller and Mitchell Thies, 1324 Hyde Ave., $184,287

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Kristine and Scott King to TF Property Solutions, W5836 Cedar Road, $100,000

Claire Revels to Marilyn Revels, 1416 Bainbridge St.

Cody Flury and Brittany Harrison to Jill and Perry Stewart, W2940 Russian Coulee Road, $375,000

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Carl and Narcelle Schneider Trust to Autosport Acquisitions, 1814 Ward Ave., $450,000

Jose Toscano to Beckstrom Properties, 1113 16th St. S., $155,000

Adam and Melissa Walbrun to Corey and Dominique Smith, W4938 Mark Place, $290,000

Dale Stevens to Garett Stevens, 3011, 3013 Marion Road S., $200,000

La Crosse County Sheriff Thomas and Karen Fischer on Experienced Credit Risk Transfer

Howard Sorenson LLC to Snodgrass Properties to Schaffer Withholdings, 1911 George St.

AMZ Holdings to Kay Frydenlund, 2611 Ward Ave., $162,000

Kyle and Staci Lovejoy to Hannah and Kyle Johnstone, 2616 15th St. S., $208,000

Cindy, John and Steven Holter, Jeffrey, Thomas and Travis Regelein to Christopher and Colton Lejcher, 3507 Leonard St., $198,000

Riverland Investments to John and Wendy Dolan, 413 Liberty St., $26,500

Carol and Manfred Strigun to Tiffany Vigil

ARMI LLC to Carol Larson, 4417 Juniper St., $197,500


Donald and Elaine Bina to Ethan Sobkowiak to Kaitlin Klug, 1619 Weston St., $170,000

David Daoust Sr. at Harmon Place Properties, 3400 Mormon Coulee Road, $310,000


Aaron and Barbara Craig to Corey and Katherine Harris, 3381 Emerald Valley Drive, $140,000

Kelsey and Michael Glebke to Michael and Michelle Frischmann, 436 R. Stephan Place, $510,000

Justin Lange to Kayla and Shea Foley, 139 Eighth Ave. S., $198,000

Maude and Thomas Kettenmann trust Leonids, 2268 Evenson Drive, $365,900

Christina and Spencer Griffin to Samuel McGaughy, 411 Sixth Ave. N., $279,900

Daniel Bashaw to Rebecca and Tracy Olson, 749 Troy St., $298,000


David and Karen Elliott at Gills Storage, W1942 OL Hess Road, $696,700


Choice Construction to Michael and Tiffani Newton, 1510 Cherry Lane S., $417,500

Moonstone Meadow LLC to Summer Berg and Timothy Olson, 3009 Red Clover St., $595,000

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Ann and Dillion Becker to Cody Johnson, 1814 Prairie Place, $267,000

Sarah Honer to Bruce and Karl Kerr, 234 Howard Drive, $355,000

Kent and Teresa Schroeder to Jenny and Michael Brueske Jr., 806 Laurel Place E., $315,000

Amanda and Dominic Miller to Heather Lichtie, 1517 Viking Ave., $260,000

Judy and Richard Berg to John Demers and Annette Fellows-Demers, 300 State St., $271,000

Adrian and Benjamin Kolpitcke to Anna Lee and Jonathan Soto, N7098 Bice Ave., $384,900

JKC Construction to Bryan and Shelby Neubauer, 1930 McGilvray Way, $337,385

West Salem

Elsen Construction to Scott Alo and Jesse McKinney, 411 Panther Pass W., $588,700

Angela and Joshua Laack to Amy and Benny Guzman, 510 Lakewood St., $500,000

TBN Management to Cody Flury, 419, 421 Campfire Drive, $230,000

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