Real estate: 5 ways to invest

For most people, real estate has a limited set of meanings. You tend to hear the words and think of either a private home or a commercial property. But there is much more to the concept than just these two classic examples.

The computer age has ushered in a whole new paradigm of real estate that includes an intangible asset known as digital property. Other popular ways to invest in the broad real estate segment include income-generating rentals, real estate investment trusts (REITs), fixer-uppers, and office condos.

The modern face of the market is both exciting and potentially lucrative for investors who prefer to allocate their capital to assets other than old-fashioned stocks and bonds. Here are the pertinent details on the top five ways people will invest in real estate in the 2020s.

Digital Properties

Virtual property within the metaverse, the internet-based world of VR (Virtual Reality), is one of the newest assets. Anyone who makes fun of digital real estate should keep in mind that many millions of dollars change hands between sellers and buyers. In the real world, a Miami-based prime real estate agent offers all clients digital replicas of any tangible asset they purchase. For potential investors, the gains are uncertain but potentially huge.

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Consider that just a few years ago, digital objects sold for tiny amounts of money, but today they cost several thousand dollars each. Several well-known real estate agents and companies are exploring the digital real estate segment and the concept is finding broad societal acceptance among serious investors. Anyone who owns real estate should take a closer look at adding one or more digital assets to their portfolio.


Rental apartments offer two benefits for the price of one. First, owners can purchase one in a distant city of their choosing, not to mention regular income. If they want to go on vacation, they can take the house off the rental market and stay in it for as long as they want without having to pay for expensive hotels or someone else’s rental property. Other owners use rental homes in resort towns as stable, long-term sources of income to make the highest dollar during the peak season, but then move into the homes after retirement.

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REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Affordable shares in real estate assets are what REITs are all about. Not so long ago, anyone who wanted to generate income from property ownership had to invest a lot of capital, deal with complicated legal documents and take excessive risks. With REITs, anyone can purchase small amounts of carefully screened real estate and avoid all the hassles of actual ownership, such as: B. Landlord obligations and high initial investments.

Fixer upper

There has been an active flipping market in the industry for at least 30 years. It is made up of buyers looking for homes to repair, renovate and quickly put back for sale on the open market. Fins work on the principle of combining sweat equity with short-term speculation to generate a potentially positive return on any worthy fixer-upper they acquire. The acquisition costs include the property itself as well as renovation work. Taking a part-time job as a domestic helper can provide a steady, significant income for those who have the money, time, and energy.

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office condos

Investing in office condominiums is a relatively easy way to enter the market as a funder. Some condos, most of which are located in malls and small commercial buildings, cost less than apartment buildings and require much less renovation work. People who enjoy working on the edge of commercial real estate can start by acquiring a single office apartment, renovate it, furnish it, and then sell it to a willing buyer.


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