Property sales, transfers, in Knox County, real estate, Galesburg IL

The following Illinois real estate transfer declaration transactions were recorded in Knox County during the week of September 16-21, 2022. Only the primary name listed in the submitted sales report will be published. The names of other owners who would appear on the full deed may not be visible in this list.

• Lot 42 Westwood Subdivision, Dahinda: Matthew Frans to Stephen & Susan Tady for $4,200

• 244 N Cedar St., Galesburg: Scott A. Roberts at 2 @ Holdings, Llc for $130,000

• Forest Ridge Subdivision Lot 49: Andrew G. Johnson to Jeff Hollyfield for $19,500

• 144 N Sparta St., Wataga: Merritt Johnson to Bradley S & Donna J Edwards for $60,000

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• 449 Olive St., Galesburg, Constance Bair A/K/A Constance Arnold Bair to Lloyd E. Sichling for $63,900

• 935 N Academy St., Galesburg, The Estate Of Helen Florence Mijatovic to Paula M Miller for $118,500

• 26 Oak Point Ct., Dahinda, Dale Dentlinger to James R. Bryan for $400,000

• 887 E Third St., Galesburg: Peter B. Rousonelos to Ricky G. Bellar for $15,000

• 1085 E North St., Galesburg, Judy A. Van Unnik to Crystal L. Casteel for $65,000

• 549 Marston Ave., Galesburg: Patricia A. Sellner to Pamela R. Ditgen for $174,900

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• 1316 E Knox St., Galesburg: Stuart D. Alderson to Freeman Kokou & Audrey Abla Dovo for $100,000

• 1370 W Losey St., Galesburg: Son of T. Nguyen to Kelcie L. Burton for $68,000

• 796 E Second St., Galesburg: Kraig D. Boynton to Seth E. Lemay for $85,000

• 1723 Willard St., Galesburg, Danny R. Hudgins to Andres T. Giles Jr. for $35,000

• 274 Knox Highway 10, Galesburg: William C. Robinson to Brian W. Robinson $245,000

• 8110 Oak Run Drive, Dahinda: Gregory Ault, Independent Representative of Jim Padilla for $4,500

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• 408 W Main St Knoxville Barbara A Perry to Meranda Creighton for $35,000

• 48 Garfield Ave., Galesburg: Matthew S. Winkler to Michael W. Bmapper for $55,000

• Vacant Lot, Galesburg: Extreme Car Wash Holdings, Llc to Dame Fine Coffee, Llc for $50,000

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• 1568 E North St. Galesburg Rejoice Felli to Juan Pablo Garcia, Jr. for $10,000

• Farmland, Woodhull: Michael & Kathleen Holt to Richard & Connie Cheline Trustees for $400,000

• Farmland, Woodhull: Richard & Connie Trustees Cheline to Michael & Kathleen Holt for $400,000

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