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Have we got to a point in this country where we are now comfortable with hurting people in the name of politics? Given the recent news, it appears that state governors found it okay to drive people under false pretenses without notification to other parts of the county where the opposing party is in power in order to give those people’s recipients time give, set up places to stay, eat and get the basics you need to live.

I understand that many of you will immediately deny this and even stop reading this with the intention of dismissing it as false or defending your political beliefs, but I hope that your sense of humanity will take over your thoughts as this action nonetheless the intention was just wrong. Misleading or using people for political ends is never acceptable.

For the past week we have all watched and heard, and many have cracked jokes about “migrant trafficking” to position themselves politically or to draw political attention to the other end of the spectrum.

While some conservatives welcome the move, immigrant rights groups and the mayors of the regions that host these migrants say putting people on buses and sending them to other states is a political ploy that exploits and misleads migrants. And organizations working with migrants say they’re feeling the strain.

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For those who may have missed it, we’ve had at least two incidents where people who came to the United States for a better life were promised that they would be relocated to another city and have housing and work accommodation there. The truth, however, is that these people were simply sent to places no one knew were coming and then dropped off on a street corner with no food, shelter, etc. Many of those deposed were children.

Tell me, what kind of person, let alone a governor, would do something like that, regardless of why they are here and how they got here? They are still human! This last episode was made by two governors who belong to a party that claims to represent the Christian faith with their demands against women’s suffrage and so on. I ask those who committed this shipping of people what Christ would have done. We all know he would have fed them and tried to help them!

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It’s bad enough that our political world has been so manipulated by both sides, by both parties, that we can do nothing for the betterment of our country, constantly seeing each other’s good ideas being totally derailed by the opposing party for no other Reason than the fact that it was conceived and created by the opposite side.

There is no doubt that we have an immigration problem in this country, but we must never forget that we all came from somewhere, less so the Native Americans, and we all need to remember that our differences made this country great. Unfortunately, instead of solving our problems with a bipartisan discussion, we have resorted to using immigrants/humans as pawns.

Immigration reform requires openness, compassion, broad public consent, clarity, incentives to obey the law, and a willingness to make tough political choices. None of this has happened, at least in the last two administrations in Washington. Nobody has the courage to solve the problem; Politicians only see the risks.

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As an election approaches, maybe it’s time for the people, the voters, to stand up and get rid of all these career politicians and replace them with temporary candidates who understand that our constitution is by the people, for the people. Nowhere is it determined which people are privileged and which are not. We are all human, even if we have migrant roots. No wonder we now live in a country where we cannot allow our children to play outside unsupervised, even in their own front yards. No wonder we have hate killings almost every day and our children are no longer safe in schools. Somehow we have to find a way to go back to the days when we first cared about each other as human beings, regardless of the color of our skin or where we are from.

It has to start in our hearts and with those we elected to represent, not in their own political futures!

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