Piggy raises $7.7M for mobile content creation app

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Piggy has raised $7.7 million for its mobile content creation app that empowers users
to easily create documents, presentations, invitations and more, directly from your mobile

The Piggy platform launches today on ProductHunt. It is available for download worldwide
the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as a free and non-monetized service.

Software investor Insight Partners led the round, and other investors include Remagine Ventures, Stardom Ventures and others.

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company said it allows users to create and share visual and interactive mobile documents that communicate their unique ideas, stories and thoughts while leveraging social media standards.

“With Piggy, you can create documents the same way you create social media posts. It is
mobile, interactive, supports all types of media and makes it easy and fun to get awesome
results,” CEO Shaul Olmert said in a statement. “The company overview platform built with Piggy demonstrated the platform’s capabilities to investors and convinced them of the product’s potential.”

The Tel Aviv-based startup was founded in late 2020 by Shaul Olmert and Ilan Leibovitch, both
second-time entrepreneurs, who founded Playbuzz (now known as Ex.co) and Rounds
(acquired by Kik Interactive), respectively. Piggy employs 15 people.

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“Piggy allows the creation of pure content for mobile, taking advantage of creativity and commitment
of Gen-Z users to express themselves in the most native and natural way,” Jeff Horing, managing partner of Insight Partners, said in a statement. “As mobile devices take over many functions previously enabled by computers, Piggy is reinventing document creation for this era.”

Chief product officer Ilan Leibovich added in a statement: “People create content in many
forms for both personal and professional purposes. Our goal is to allow them to believe it
your phone and share it instantly with anyone. When a user shares their creations, recipients don’t need to download an app, sign up, or have a social media account to enjoy it.”

The app includes features like polls, audio, image editing, and native camera integration, as well as many templates that help people create beautiful content without design skills.

I asked Olmert what the inspiration was. He pointed to this video of a girl on TikTok.

Olmert said in an email that this TikTok video was made by an American teenager. He was asked to write an essay for school about “how quarantine has affected you”. Instead of writing, he used TikTok and generated tens of millions of likes.

“What I saw in him was a testament that Gen-Z can really unleash their brilliance and creativity when given the option to express themselves using the tools that are natural to them,” he said. “And I thought: Let’s build an app that allows them to do that for all purposes, not just social media.”

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Asked about the competition, Olmert said: “We want to be a modern alternative to word processors and presentation-making applications like Powerpoint.” The target is Gen Z and young millennials who are “mobile natives”.

Olmert said the company operates in the new category of “mobile content,” or content that was created on a mobile device, intended to be consumed on a mobile device, and uses the features, culture and usage habits of mobile platforms.

He highlighted many platforms for content creation, some of them with a reasonably good mobile user interface. However, they mostly mimic desktop and print formats.

“Our goal is to enrich the language of documents, presentations and formal communications with the enthusiasm and immersion of mobile culture,” he said. “Think about it. You can create your resume on LinkedIn, for example, but it looks 100% like the traditional resume format: standard, boring, technical, avoiding any personal expression and reflection of who the job applicant is.
He added: “The point of this content is to reflect who you are and what your capabilities are, so your viewers can really assess your potential fit with their culture and organizational structure. Featuring Piggy, a young job seeker who grew up with a mobile phone and used to express themselves through social media, is able to use features like selfie videos, interactive elements and animations, to name a few, to create a mobile CV that is much more expressive, genuine and truly reflective of who they are.”

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Piggy doesn’t expect people to create novels or PhD theses on their mobile phones. That’s not Piggy’s goal.

“But when you’re working on a school paper, letter, presentation, notes, journal entry, photo album, or many other types of content that people have to create frequently, Piggy provides an affordable and hassle-free solution,” he said. “From a caption meme to a full book report, there’s no limit to the length and content of Piggy’s creations.”

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