Phelps quadruplets now home with parents and big brothers

PHELPS, NY (WHEC) – In a small house on a quiet street in Phelps, the Smith family plays with their goat, feeds their big pig and lets their chickens roam. It’s a bit like a zoo outside and maybe inside too.

Karissa VanCamp-Smith and her husband Dillion Smith are the proud new parents of naturally conceived identical quadruple boys, along with their two older sons.

The little boys were born prematurely at 11 weeks but luckily are all healthy and have been home for about a month.

Jennifer Lewke (News10NBC) – How were the first few days?

Karissa VanCamp-Smith – A blur, I don’t even think I remember it. I think it was just pure survival, yes, pure survival mode, trying to figure everything out.

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Jennifer Lewke – So what does an average day look like today?

Karissa VanCamp-Smith – Well, we all cry at least a few times, but mostly we wake up and everyone eats, diapers get changed and then we change our pajamas, we snuggle up and then we do it all over again every few hours.

Jennifer Lewke – I think every mom back home will say you’re breastfeeding all those babies, that’s a job in and of itself, more than a full time job, how do you keep it up? Do you take time for yourself?

Karissa VanCamp-Smith – Absolutely not, no, but that’s ok, that’s ok, that’s not the time of year we’re in right now.

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The Smiths did the math and found they use about 800 diapers a month. Most days Karissa takes care of the babies by herself while Dillion works full time, but when she needs backup her mother lives right next door. “I think it’s the comfort of knowing she’ll be right there and I can call her. It’s been a couple of times I’ve been like, ‘Are you busy?’ and before she even answers I see her walking across the yard and I’m fine,” she says.

Jennifer Lewke – So the only struggle really is transportation, what does it take to get you guys out of the house now?

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Karissa VanCamp-Smith – A few hours, a lot of patience and two vehicles. Vans are currently either out of stock or outside of our price range. We also need the extra cargo space not only for the baby stuff but we also have our special needs little guy that we need to be able to take his medical gear and have a walker for him and his wheelchair if he needs it, something like that.

So for now, they’re content with what they have and making memories, one day at a time and one tiny smile at a time.

Smith’s baby registry can be found here.

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