Parents call on local district to increase safety after student uses pepper spray in fight – WSOC TV

CHESTER COUNTY, SC — A student appeared to pull out pepper spray and spray it directly at other students during a fight at a Chester County middle school.

MPs said several students and staff who were nearby needed medical attention.

Channel 9’s Tina Terry spoke to parents who said their children were walking down the hall when it all happened. They said pepper spray should never have gotten into the school.

The parents also said they are fed up with the brawls at the school and are urging the district to make sure this is a safe place for their children.

In one video, a girl can be seen using pepper spray in a crowd at Chester Middle School. Investigators said it happened during a fight that broke out shortly before Friday’s release.

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“It makes no sense. It not. Like any of those kids could really have been hurt,” said Emerald Chisholm, a parent.

Chisholm said pepper spray hit her daughter squarely in the face. She said her daughter has asthma and has since been off school and on steroids.

According to Jackie Gwin, her grandson was on his way back to his classroom at the time of the fight.

“He said he came out of the toilet and just saw the big fog,” she said. “He accidentally ran into the fog and noticed that his eyes were burning.”

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An incident report said a parent told MPs, “I gave my daughter the club because she was being bullied.” The report said the girl was “arrested on two counts of second degree assault and handed over to her mother.” .

Earlier this month, a fight broke out on a bus carrying students from Chester middle and high schools.

Chisholm said the violence was out of control. You and other parents want school leaders to increase safety.

“It’s all about safety — kids should get to school safely,” she said. “Mace, pepper spray, it could be a knife. A child could be stabbed. They need metal detectors.”

According to MPs, the parent who gave the child the pepper spray could also be charged with contributing to a minor’s delinquency.

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The school has a resource officer. When asked what they are doing about the violence, the district said in part, “The district is currently reviewing the situation along with evidence-based research to improve the security of each campus and minimize the occurrence of these events. The district will continue to work with local law enforcement and emergency departments to continue to improve school safety.”

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