Oklahoma best place to start a business in 2023

AgBoost founder Sean Akadiri, left, talks with StitchCrew co-founder Erika Lucas.

Forbes is not a big fan of starting a business in Oklahoma.

In a list that’s bound to trigger groans in some parts of the country, inflated egos in others, and plenty of data misunderstandings — Oklahoma is 42nd on the “Best States to Start a Business in 2023.”

But how accurate is a list like that? What factors are left out? Is Oklahoma — birthplace of businesses like Continental Resources, Love’s Travel Stops, Sonic, Paycom and more — really a bad place to start a business?

Not exactly, according to local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists familiar with the process of launching new businesses in Oklahoma.

Forbes based its ranking on “18 key metrics in five categories” to determine which states are the best, or worst. The five broad categories include business costs, business climate, financial accessibility, economy and workforce.


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