Nikki Fried launches new political committee to codify abortion rights by 2024

Commissioner for Agriculture Nicki Fried may leave office in November after losing the Democratic primary for governor last month, but don’t expect to stop hearing from her.

Fried announced the launch on Wednesday Won’t back downA new political committee focused on putting a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights to a vote in 2024.

“Florida is in trouble. I’m the only Democrat to win nationally here since 2012, and it shows,” Fried said.

“The last four years while doing everything in my power to quit Ron DeSantis(donald) Trump card-obsessed Republicans have done everything in their power to make this possible for him, taking freedom and opportunity away from anyone who doesn’t look and act like them.

“And I really want to be specific. Women in Florida are losing our freedom. But mark my words, we will not be silenced. We don’t let ourselves be controlled. We will pass and win. I just finished campaigning in every corner of our state. If you’ve seen me on the trail you know I thanked all the women who came before me and promised the girls who looked up to me that I will never back down from this fight. And I mean it.”

That’s why, Fried continues, they, their donors and supporters founded Won’t Back Down. Details on the new political committee are sparse. So far, it has not reported any fundraising. It lists an address in South Miami division of the elections and treasurer Gloria Maggiolowho also heads the Political Committee, has been using Fried since 2018, Florida consumers first.

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But the organization’s goal is simple, Fried said.

“It’s a political committee designed to transform Florida into the pro-choice state that Floridians really want, starting now and in future election cycles. Because we don’t have a one-election-cycle problem. We have a Future of Florida problem. So we’re going to do what we did to win in 2018. We’re going to go into red areas and talk to Republicans and independent women, and we’re also going to do whatever it takes to win the future,” Fried said.

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“We will support pro-choice candidates. We will aggressively challenge radical, misogynistic politicians and help get a constitutional amendment to protect liberty on the ballot in 2024.

“We will fight for Florida like our freedom depends on it, because it does. But we can’t do it without you. We need you in this fight with us. I need you. The women of Florida must speak up for us because together we can bring something new to the women and people of Florida.”

Fried’s announcement comes amid a wave of challenges to women’s reproductive rights. In April, Governor DeSantis signed an abortion ban into law in Florida after 15 weeks of pregnancy without exception for rape or incest.

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Two months later the US Supreme Court reversed the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade upstep down to declare power over whether abortion should remain legal, limit it, or ban the practice entirely.

DeSantis was quick to confirm shortly thereafter that he and other members of the Florida GOP “will be working to expand pro-life protections.”

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