There has been so much negativity revolving around the field of medicine that might discourage a young individual seeking to pursue a career in the field. If you are asking yourself whether doctors regret studying medicine then this is the best place to find out if they do or if you will.

Being a doctor is like being

Being a doctor is like being a human version of superman, a hero-like career, as most of the patients who walk into a hospital or clinic for a check-up depend on you to ‘save’ them. Studying medicine can be fulfilling as you get to touch the lives of your patients in a way that engineers, teachers, or mentors cannot. They understand human physiology, to the point that they can literally ease a patient’s pain. Studying medicine is to ensure that you provide comfort, not to see people suffer. Just seeing a doctor offers some sort of relief because you know at the back of your mind there is going to be a solution to your problem at the end of the day. Do not tire from studying, if you desire to someday be looked at for solutions by people from all social classes.

The Truth Behind Studying Medicine

There are no barriers to being a doctor, all people need doctors, from the rich living in Belair to the poorest living in slums or tents in developing countries. You get to treat your idol, a person you would normally not even get close to on a typical day. Studying medicine opens your IQ to a world of intent research that could even result in a Nobel Prize. Not to make it sound incredible because it is, but medicine is for a highly intelligent group of people who are not afraid to be all rounded. If you consider yourself highly intelligent, then you are not likely to regret studying medicine.

While many careers fears that their places might be taken up by bots, that is less than likely to happen to those taking up medicine. Medicine has a higher level of job security compared to other careers. The demand for doctors hardly ever goes down, physicians are needed in all areas. If the world had it any other way, there would be a doctor dedicated to every individual across the world. Studying medicine does not necessarily mean that a person becomes a doctor, they could choose to be in administrations or startups. Don’t get stuck somewhere and end up feeling drained, shift your options to further enjoy the field.

Physicians have a feeling of importance, they never go home with thoughts that they have wasted their hours on the job. It is one of those careers that does not drain away at your potential but seeks to grow it. Several people wake up after 20 to 50 years of sitting behind a cubicle only to find that their lives have had no impact or worth. It would not be the same case if a student decides to pick medicine as a choice career. The years spent behind a book might be many, but the pay as a physician will make it worth it. Sacrificing your time and money in studying medicine will not be in vain, stick to it, the fruits reaped will be rewarding.