A drug is a substance that affects the normal functioning of the body when consumed. It may affect the body either mentally or physically depending on the type of drug used. Drugs may lead to change the behavior of a person by affecting the normal functioning of the brain. It is advisable to abstain from drugs if you don’t consume them to boost your health status.

People misuse drugs due to various reasons like pressure from peers, for recreation purposes and to avoid facing reality. Some drugs are illegal while others are legal, it depends on the policy of a country. Legal drugs include alcohol, tobacco and caffeine while illegal ones are cocaine, heroin or opium. They may have both positive and negative effects depending on the nature of the drug.

Misuse of both legal and illegal

In contrast to drugs, medicine are known to have a positive effect to the body. Medicine is referred to as a substance that is taken to treat or prevent diseases in your body. Unlike drugs, medicine is purposely used to treat or prevent diseases. It’s used to maintain the normal functioning of the body by providing a good health status. Medicines may be manufactured from plant materials and obtained from organic synthesis. All medicines are considered as pharmaceutical drugs with positive effects unlike other drugs that cause harm to the body.

Misuse of both legal and illegal drugs may lead to addiction. Addiction is the state where you can’t stop using a certain drug, even if it is harmful to your health or causes behavior changes. Most drug abusers use drugs for enjoyment purposes and to relieve stress which results to addiction. When you get addicted to a certain drug, you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you do not consume it. Withdrawal symptoms may be like restlessness nausea, mood swings or headaches and the symptoms will stop when you consume the drug or go through detoxification.

Medicine are taken to restore your

Medicines are completely different from drugs because they are not addictive if you follow the prescribed dosage given by the doctor. It’s recommended for you to avoid taking an overdose of medicine to prevent harmful effects to your body. If you are using drugs for leisure purposes you are likely to be an addict. Using drugs to keep feeling good all the time will later become a problem to live without them. To recover from this state you need to detoxify or seek help from a rehabilitation center and takes time to completely remove the drug from your system.

Medicine are taken to restore your health status, and it is not required if your health status is in good condition. It’s advisable to get professional help before you purchase a medicine so that you can get the right treatment for your body. Drugs like painkillers are consumed to reduce pain but not to cure the disease causing the pain. This may be harmful because it hides the cause of the pain which could later lead to serious problems. When you continue consuming painkillers, your body will become reluctant making you increase the dose so that it can work as it used to. This makes you a victim of drug addiction and recovering will be a hard task due to withdrawal symptoms that you will experience.

Differences Between A Drug and A Medicine

Drugs may change the behavior of users compared to medicine which does not affect a person’s behavior. Young people are greatly affected by drugs because they use them thinking that it will help them cope with life issues and stress. This may lead to addiction and cause lack of livelihood since some drugs like heroin are expensive which requires more money to satisfy their needs. Drugs have a negative impact on the society, which makes some drugs illegal. Medicine adds value while drugs have no logical value to the body.

Everything is poisonous if used excessively, meaning medicine causes harm if overdosed or misused. This shows that medicine should not be compared to drugs since they are two different substances. Medicine is only required when a person falls ill enabling you to use a specific medicine to treat the diagnosed disease. If medicine is used correctly, there will be no harm to the body. Most of legal drugs have limits, if you don’t exceed the limit it will cause no harm at all.