Books and studies impact knowledge to a reader’s minds which enables them to do other things. It’s like reading the manual for a device before using it. If that analogy is the same as studies and education, it means, books are the manual while the general course is the machine or device. Primary education is the only instance all learners take similar subjects. When they reach high school level, students begin to choose a few subjects in line with their careers. In university and college, students have entirely different paths from others who are not taking the same course.

Medicine, normally abbreviated as med, is

Medicine, normally abbreviated as med, is one of the courses readers may pursue in a university. Because of its bulkiness, medicine tends to have it’s a separate library of books away from other courses like finance. Hours of practicals done while standing, countless hours spent grasping concepts and cramming, are not enough to describe the number of sacrifices scholars make to get good grades. Passion for the practice keeps someone going through everything even when it is bad and ugly. Medicine is delicate, not forgetting prestige; getting discontinuation can open the door to terrible depression attacks. Self-discipline may not have a happy process but it is worth it.

Physics is more of a continuation

Physics is more of a continuation of the subject learned in high school, but scholars get to understand how shallow the highschool knowledge was. It’s like exploring every topic while tracing every advancement in theories plus discovery. Creative minds are thrilled with physics no matter the branch. Division of the entire field into branches dies not to mean students get more free time to party. The number of books not to mention hours spent on a study desk remains the same. Physics requires mastering concepts, theories, and proper explanations that make sense using equations to prove that what the theory is rating is true.

Between Physics and Medicine, Which Is Harder?

Both subjects of learning change the world in their different ways. Medicine, when fully learned, makes learners acquire the title of Doctor. Some advance later into special zones of medicine, for instance, surgery, pediatrics, optics, and many more. Doctors are superheroes in white lab coats because they save lives and help a patient get well. Even when the case is ugly, a doctor knows what to do. Others who may not want to practice medicine after a few years of doing so become consultants who give advice.

The mathematical mind of physicists is the reason why great discoveries like atomic bombs, electric bulbs, and other devices were invented. It’s all about thinking of an idea, coming up with a theory why an idea should work, plus testing the strength of the theory in a practical experiment. Atomic bombs may be great, making physics sound complicated. Physics can be applied to daily life, depending on the respective branches. In the following case, mechanical physics can’t possess the same knowledge as the branch dealing with bombs. The thrill of following in the footsteps of great men in history is a great feeling for students.

None can be said to be easier than the other, one man’s meat is another’s poison. If everyone could do everything, the education system could not have divided studies into special fields. People are different and so are their preferences, decisions not forgetting choices. Parents together with caregivers should identify what excites their children then help them advance it. A student may be enrolled in a university for a physics program but later switch to medicine claiming physics is hard. It can also happen the other way around, leaving medicine for physics for such a reason. Passion clouds a student’s eyes then the thought of a course being difficult disappears.

It should not be a matter of running to the easiest choice, it’s rather where a student feels comfortable. If a learner gets forced to take a course, a caregiver may pay double fees because the student will still want to do the course of their choice. Practicing while on the ground is easier than reading bulky books while waiting for an exam. Once the knowledge is In a reader’s mind, it cannot be stolen although it is prone to distortion due to health issues. It is like walking around with something precious but others cannot see it.