New Lincoln Project ad hits House GOP plan as a bad ’90s throwback

The Lincoln Project takes a throwback theme from the 1990s and compares it to a new House Republican plan former house speaker Newt Gingrichs “Treaty with America,” what some pranksters called the “Treaty on America” ​​at the time.

This week saw a botched start to a House Republican plan called Commitment to America. The plan that accidentally went online before his timeconfirmed what some people had long suspected, including pursuing a constitutional ban on abortion, along with cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

The election section contains repeated references to observer access, both of which conjure up images intimidation of poll workers and inappropriate access by partisans, something that has already happened in the last presidential election.

“America doesn’t need an overhaul of a 20-year-old plan of reckless spending and bad ideas like destroying Social Security,” he said reed galenCo-founder of the Lincoln Project.

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“This is (House Minority Leader Kevin) McCarthys try to appear relevant to his faction and change the dynamic of the election. McCarthy knows President (yeah) biden it revolves around politics and economics. President Biden is providing the national leadership that the ultra-MAGA Republican Party cannot muster.”

The ad, which begins with a photo of Gingrich, also begins with ominous music and the expected serious-voiced narrator who says, “Remember that guy’s ‘Treaty with America?’ How did that go?

The images then switch to an evening video of the Capitol and then to Biden signing laws while the tone of the background music changes to lighter, faster, and more upbeat.

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“In a few days, the MAGAs will try to sell you another contract for America,” says the narrator. “Everything they promise is already happening to President Biden. An economy that works for all Americans, check” as the video switches to warehouse workers going about their day.

“Record job growth, well-paying jobs that are fueling our economy—this is Biden, not MAGA,” the narrator continues as the images switch to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “Peace Through Strength. Ask Ukraine who is with them and who is with Russia.”

Those who stand by the pictures in the Russia ad are people like the United States Sen. Edge PaulUS Rep. Matt Gaetz and Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

“Energy Independence? Yes, Biden did,” the narrator says over images of wind turbines and solar farms. “Safe communities, check. Millions to improve policing and protect our communities and civil liberties.”

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Former President Donald Trump’s Escapade with secret government documents is also mentioned in the minute-long ad.

“Fight to end corruption and drain the swamp?” says the narrator. “Who are they kidding? For seven years they let us hold the bag and foot the bill for their reckless spending and bad ideas. Your new contract with America? Promises they will never keep. But Joe Biden and the Democrats are delivering.”

The ad is scheduled to run on cable news in the Washington market, digitally in unspecified congressional districts and also digitally on Capitol Hill.

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