New Defender Solis, gadget, loadout, and more

Rainbow Six Siege is all set to introduce a brand new season with the upcoming expansion, Operation Solar Raid. Fans are eagerly awaiting this expansion as the season will also introduce Souls, a new operator.

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Solis is officially confirmed as a defender. Last season brought some great operators under siege, with Sens and Osa being the strongest choices in attack. With Solis, Ubisoft is trying to give the meta a makeover that the game needs.

Rainbow Six Siege has always thrived on providing a balanced experience between strategy and aggression. The addition of Solis aims to improve that experience.

Solus is an exceptionally powerful defender in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Red

Solis will be Colombia’s new defender entering the operator pool with Operation Solar Red in Rainbow Six Siege. She will be a two-speed, two-armor-rated operator, who excels at providing information to her team.

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Solis’ kit is designed in such a way that players can move around with it comfortably. This makes him an exceptionally powerful defender. She will also be part of Kavira’s squad called the Ghosties, according to the ongoing Rainbow Six Siege lore.

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SPEC-IO Electrosensor Gadget

Solus’ core gadget will be called the SPEC-IO electrosensor. This will be a visor that will help detect the attacker’s devices through walls. This sensor will have the ability to mark and ping electronic devices of adversaries.

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It will also be able to detect the diffuser, making it easier to ping the planter in stressful situations. Using sensors, only Solus will be able to detect gadgets through walls. To communicate with her team, she can use Z-ping or a microphone.

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However, Solis can also pinpoint gadget locations using a scan capability that will mark and detect an attacker’s utility for everyone on defense. With that said, Solis’s scanner will have a short cooldown.

Solus can be countered by attackers such as Thatcher, who can disable his visor, and IQ, who will be able to counter him even through walls.

What weapons and secondary gadgets will Solus have?

Solis will have an extremely versatile kit for a defender with such a strong gadget. The Colombian operator will have the following weapons in his loadout:


Basic weapons are interchangeable.


Solis will have the following secondary gadgets that can be interchanged with each other during the picking phase.

  • Bulletproof camera
  • Impact Grenades

Players will be able to unlock Solis with the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege expansion. Operation Solar Ride will also introduce a brand new map called Nighthaven Labs.

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The expansion will be full of updates and other quality of life changes that will improve the game in the long run. The final season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 will bring competitive changes such as Ranked 2.0 along with new changes to the reputation section.

Fans can expect the new season to end on December 6, 2022. Until then, Sage enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the season ahead of its official release through test servers from November 21, 2022.

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