Nauyoma drops activism in favour of entrepreneurship

AFTER nearly eight years of socio-economic activism through the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma will now focus her energies on entrepreneurship.

In November 2014, Nauyoma, Job Amunda and George Kambala entered the Namibian public space, after their daring move to occupy a piece of land in Kleine Kuppe, one of the wealthy suburbs of Windhoek.

This led to the development of the Affirmative Repositioning movement, which revolutionized social and economic activism in the country.

As a result, Nauyoma found himself on the wrong side of the law, imprisoned for leading public protests in the interests of the oppressed. He spent three months in police cells for leading a demonstration in the Chinatown complex in Windhoek, and is currently on bail.

He is now moving away from leading public protests and picketing, to devote time and energy to economic activities.

“As black people, we are engaged in politics. We have not taken the opportunity to enter the economic space. I say now, as a young black man in his 30s, while I still have 10 years before I reach the age of 40, with this strength, let me refocus it in the field of economy and the growth of our country, instead of being the guy always at the forefront of picket lines,” Nauyoma said in an interview with Desert Radio last week.

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Nauyoma said he was just using another way of empowering poor Namibians, such as his involvement in a private housing project in Brakwater, outside Windhoek, which he said sought to address Namibia’s housing crisis. .

“I choose to deal with things that matter,” he said, adding that he looks for opportunities to inspire others to do great things, such as encouraging young black Namibians to start businesses and continue their -student

Nauyoma said his departure from activism had nothing to do with a reported falling out with fellow AR ring-leaders, including Amunda, which he dismissed as “public perception”. He also said he had no problem with Kambala.

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However, these views increased when he did not attend the critical AR movement leadership meeting in Walvis Bay last week. At the time, Nauyoma was quoted as saying that he was busy with “important things”.

Nauyoma insists that he is not abandoning the AR movement and its ideals.

“We are allowing the movement to find its feet. We have always said that the movement must find its place in the hearts and minds of the Namibian people. We must not make the mistake that poverty is something we should be happy about,” he said.

The AR co-founder also dismissed the swirling rumor that his closeness to Michael Amushelelo has caused a rift between him and fellow AR activists.

He said Amushelelo, who is part of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters, has always been aligned with AR, funding the movement’s various activities.

“The fallout is not possible because I am aligned with Amushelelo. AR movement is always aligned with Amushelelo. We got together with other young people, we talked about the housing crisis,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Nauyoma said the AR movement has made remarkable achievements in the past eight years.

“What we need to achieve is the awakening of a generation. For the first time, politics since 2014 in the dispensation of our country has attracted the youth to politics. Remember that the middle class who played an important role in the affairs of the country were passive people. We got the participation of that middle class, we were able to wake up the masses of our people to think differently. That can even be measured by the voting pattern since 2014, and before 2014. You can see that many grounds have been made to wake up our people, first realize that we are in a slavery and we have to free the our own.”


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