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Article – Today I posted episode #7 of the Gadgeteer Video Podcast and to go with lucky number 7, the topic of the podcast was my 7 favorite minimalist wallets. Let’s check them out.

1. ID card wallet

The ID card wallet has long been my favorite because it has the smallest form factor while still allowing me to retrieve and reinsert cards very easily. A cutout on each side lets you use your thumb to slide cards out of the slot. It fits in the front pocket of whatever pants I wear without adding any bulk. It is also made of carbon fiber so it is extremely light. The only small downside is that it doesn’t hold cash which is why I switched to a different wallet. You can read my review of the ID card wallet and unfortunately, they are no longer made/sold, so you can’t buy one to try for yourself. It’s a real shame.

2. Col. Littleton Front Pocket Wallet

This wallet combines two things I love. Minimalist design and leather. I use this wallet when I need to carry some cash with me. It has a slightly larger form factor than the top wallet, but not by much. It is very well made and feels great in my hand. You can read my review of the Colonel Littleton Front Pocket Wallet and buy one for $56 and up, depending on the leather and style (they have flaps and more pockets). For more information, visit

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3. Waterfield Designs Fun Wallet

For years I carried a Waterfield zippered wallet with me when I went to the office every day and carried it in a bag. Waterfield’s zippered wallets are so well made they seem like they could last forever. The fact that they close with a locking zip means you can stuff them with cards, cash, receipts, coins, keys, etc. and not worry about anything falling out. The Finn wallet is small enough to fit in the front pocket of women’s jeans/pants. Check out my Waterfield Designs Fin Leather Wallet review for more info.

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4. Trayvax Summit Purse

Trayvax Summit was my favorite before the IDENTITY wallet came along. Like ID, Trayvax is barely bigger than the credit cards it holds. It also includes some additional features including a lanyard or carabiner loop attachment point and RFID resistance. You can read my review of the Trayvax Summit Minimalist wallet and you can also visit

5. Bellerway Flip Case Wallet

The Bellroy Flip Case Wallet is compact and sleek as well as easy to use. The unique design features a molded leather exterior on each side of the wallet and a flip-open magnetic door. This wallet can also contain bundled bills. You can read my Bellerway Flip Case Wallet review for more details and watch the video below where I show how it works.

6. AKENi XSTO Wallet

The Identity Wallet (first on this list) was my first favorite minimalist wallet. The only downsides to the wallet were the lack of cash carrying capacity and the fact that I sometimes had trouble getting cards out. I didn’t have these issues with the AKENi XSTO wallet. It also doesn’t hurt that it has my logo on it, which is obviously cool. Read my AKEENi XSTO minimalist wallet review for more details.

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7. OpenC Leather Topsider Mini Wallet

The Open Sea Leather Topsider Mini Wallet has become my new favorite minimalist wallet. I like it because it is made of leather and I love leather products. I even make my own leather journal covers. This wallet can hold cards and cash, so it ticks two of my must-have wallet feature boxes. The Topsider Mini is available in a variety of colors and you can also choose the color of the stitching. I love raw uncolored leather because it changes and darkens over time. You can read my Open Sea Leather Topsider Mini Wallet review for all the details and see how the leather has darkened since I first got it.

What is your favorite minimalist purse?

These are my top 7 favorite minimalist wallets. At least not yet! Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite wallets? Let me know in the comments below or check out my podcast and leave a comment there!


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