Moosho Khachikyan’s Approach to Wedding Photography Stands Out Despite the Industry’s Tough Competition

Wedding photography is about capturing the precious moments that the couple will remember forever. Yet despite the number of experienced photographers, few can claim to possess Moosho Khachikyan’s distinctive style and approach.

What sets the Los Angeles-based photographer’s work apart is his ability to capture raw emotion in a unique and compelling way. Additionally, his photographs have a particular style of telling the story while still capturing the true essence of each event he documents.

Taking wedding photography to the next level

Moosho’s approach to wedding photography can be traced back to his story. He has worked as a photographer in the club scene, in the wedding sector and for a fashion magazine, developing specific skills in each area. Moosho shares: “I’ve worked hard to bring a sensual style to wedding photography. We always associate the fashion industry with an artistic approach and editorials. I implemented these qualities into wedding photography to make this version of the art available to those who are looking for it.

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Khachikyan captures the emotions in a beautiful and distinctive way, be it a photo of the bride and groom laughing or a candid moment between the bridal shower. He prides himself on his ability to see angles and lighting conditions that aren’t always obvious to create a unique and captivating style of wedding photography.

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My photography aims to differentiate itself from the rest by focusing on documentary photography and bringing back old methods of film photography to capture moments. I pride myself on the documentary aspect of my work. I focus on natural life photography consisting of the couple and all that encompasses them – including their emotions, significant moments, memories and loved ones. My goal for every day that I work is not just to take photos, but to capture moments and create memories‘ explains Moosho.

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Khachikyan’s work is beautiful and moving, and he loves what he does. He has an uncanny ability to capture the couple’s genuine connection, making his photographs authentic memorabilia of their love. Moosho adds, “I thrive when I can capture the authenticity of romance to create art that is as charming as the people in the photos.”

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