Mental Health Documentary Content Producer – Egypt

Type of advice:

The consultant has to support IOM Egypt as part of its partnership with the Egyptian government to develop innovative activities within the project “Aware Migrants”. Activities focus on migrant women, particularly survivors of gender-based violence, and migrant women with special mental health needs. IOM Egypt will use the consultant’s material for relevant IOM and NCCPIM&TIP activities at national and international level to raise awareness of the risks associated with irregular migration and victims of trafficking and smuggling of women and children.

Mental Health Documentary Content Producer responsibilities are listed below:

1. In collaboration with the African Women Club, the Sudanese school and the African Student Union, we will select 20 migrant women for a special mental health training “Therapy through Photography” focused on reflections on the inner self and how this affects women allows you to open up and eventually work on the path of healing. To this end, the selected mental health documentary maker will use positive imagery to reach out to women and help them heal and support them to become stronger and be able to cope with the consequences of their experiences. 2. The consultant must have proven experience in classroom and online training at different levels with global experience for people from different economic and social backgrounds. Once hired, the consultant will create photography courses for the women to teach them the basics of indoor and outdoor photography. Participants are each given a disposable camera to capture their daily experiences through the lens of the camera. The captured images will help bridge the gaps between migrants and non-migrants. We believe this will help combat stereotypes that exist about migrants showing the opposite, by showing their contribution to the economy in their receiving countries and contributing positively to their confidence. A selection is made from the final images and converted into an art gallery. The consultant is asked to support this process. 3. The counselor is asked to work with the selected group to create a photo book featuring the ladies. The process requires individual work with the migrant women in a mental health approach, with the participant’s permission, she will take portraits of individuals and use positive messages. The result will be turned into a book with stories of migrants and activities of IOM Egypt for both host countries and refugees Fighting stereotypes about migrants and showcasing their contribution to their host community 5. Work with the team on a photo exhibition from the material that was produced jointly by the migrants. Below is the list of results: Activities Format Submission of the first result According to the format agreed with the Line Manager Submission of the second result Submission of the third result Submission of the fourth result Submission of the fifth result • Work with the women • Teach them to how to improve their life through positive imaging • Teach them how to use the camera and how to express their feelings through photography the book • Produce the video and photo gallery

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How to apply

Interested candidates are expected to submit their applications to Careers | by Wednesday 28 September 2022 (Cairo time). submit IOM Egypt. Late registrations will not be considered. Interested candidates are expected to submit the following:

  1. A one-page cover letter explaining why you are applying.
  2. A detailed curriculum vitae/resume
  3. Samples of previous works
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