Malliotakis, Rose locked in a rematch on Staten Island

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said she believes she will win re-election by a larger margin than she did two years ago when she last faced Max Rose, backed by right-wing Democrats in New York’s only swing house neighborhood.

“I’ve had Democrats come to me and tell me this is the first time they’ve voted Republican,” Malliotakis told NY1, adding of the 11th District, “This is the last bastion of conservatism in the city of New.” York. ”

what you need to know

  • Incumbent Republican Malliotakis has the edge thanks to the midterm election precedent and the redrawn district
  • But Democrat Rose is well known in the district for having represented it before her
  • Rose wants to make the fight for abortion rights key in the race
  • Malliotakis says voters tell her they are most concerned about inflation and crime

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Between the precedents of the midterm elections and newly drawn district lines, the opportunities for the Republicans stand.

“Oh yeah?” Rose challenged. “I’m not worried about her for a second, okay? We are building an incredible campaign.”

Democrat perks include being widely recognized on Staten Island and southern Brooklyn, having served the district before Malliotakis.

“Can I hug you?” a passer-by on the north coast asked him.

And to be widely recognized as a Veteran in the Armed Forces.

“Go, Marine. Go Navy,” one buyer chided Rose.

“Oh, come on! Come on, Army!” the combat veteran replied with a smile.

Rose publicized his independence from his party to NY1.

“I want to see a time very soon where Biden isn’t running, Trump isn’t running,” he said. “We need a new generation of leaders”

Malliotakis once again has the support of former President Donald Trump.

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“If you compare the records between President Biden and President Trump, people want the economy that we had, they want the gas prices that we had, they want the border security that we had,” she said worried about joining him given his legal exposure.

The incumbent, who visited the US-Mexico border, said she had heard from voters that inflation and crime were their top concerns.

“People don’t feel safe in New York City because of the radical bail laws, because of the rhetoric of some left-wing politicians, the lack of support for our law enforcement,” she said.

Rose also criticizes the state’s bail reform laws and calls law enforcement officers heroes. But he, like other Democrats in battlefield districts, is trying to draw attention to the fight for abortion rights.

“And we’re at this moment where abortion is being banned in the states, and we’re seeing the Republican Party pushing a statewide ban on abortion as one of the pillars of their political agenda,” he said recently along with supporters, claiming his rival be silent edition.

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Malliotakis explained her position to NY1 in this way.

“I definitely want to preserve a woman’s right to have an exception, for exceptions like maternal life and rape and incest,” she said.

Asked by NY1 if he supports restrictions, Rose said such a question plays into the hands of “the Republican Party of National Extremism.” Rose said he believes the decision lies solely between a woman and her doctor.

And while Rose is a tireless activist, Malliotakis has a very devoted base.

“Are you putting up signs or what are you doing?” she asked a volunteer.

“Everything,” he replied. “Whatever you need.”

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