Luka Doncic makes NBA history with historic triple-double in Dallas Mavericks’ win over the New York Knicks


Luka Doncic had a historic triple-double as the Dallas Mavericks beat the New York Knicks 126-121 in overtime on Tuesday.

The 23-year-old had 60 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists to help the Mavericks pull from a nine-point deficit with just 33 seconds left in regulation.

This is the first time in NBA history that a player has reached such a stat line.

“I’m really tired,” Doncic said after the game. “I need a beer to recover.”

In the past 20 seasons, all 13,884 NBA teams that have trailed by at least nine points with 35 seconds or less left have lost, according to ESPN.

However, in a dramatic finale, Doncic intentionally missed a free throw, then secured the rebound and scored to tie the game and cancel overtime.

The Slovenian star scored 10 points in the final minute of regulation and added seven more in overtime to seal the most improbable victory.

Doncic also became the only player in NBA history to record a 60-point triple-double, joining James Harden and becoming the sixth player to record six or more 40-point triple-doubles behind Oscar Robertson, Harden and Russell Westbrook. Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James.

Luka Doncic scored a huge goal in the final minute to send the game into overtime.

“We saw it on the screen right now,” Doncic said of his scoring streak. “We were watching NBA TV. It’s amazing to go into those comparisons and be with those guys at any stage. That’s amazing to me.”

Doncic’s 60 points also tied Dirk Nowitzki’s 53 against Houston in 2004, setting a new franchise record for Dallas.

“The older he gets, the new year is going to be his birthday. I think he’s seen it all at 23 years old,” Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd said of Doncic’s emergence as a leader. “But his competitiveness to win is at a very high level and you showed that tonight.

“It wasn’t going well. Credit to the Knicks, they were making more threes than we expected. They were playing harder. We were down by 10. We were in that position early in the season when you’re talking about giving up a lead or giving up a game like that.

“Luca played a big part in that, just being able to stay together and be able to believe. He never got upset that the game was over. You could see him taking the full court, we had big jump balls. We learned a lot from losing close games like that. .”

The Mavericks improved to 19-16 on the season and moved up to No. 6 in the Western Conference, while the Knicks are in No. 6 in the Eastern Conference after losing four straight.


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