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Recently, parents had the opportunity to visit their children on campus during family weekend. For some Lafayette parents, their children walk down the same hallways as them Several professors at Lafayette have children who also attend college.

History professor Josh Sanborn began teaching in Lafayette in 1999, four years before the birth of his daughter Grace Sanborn in ’25.

Grace, who studies English and Environmental Sciences, didn’t always see herself as a College Hill student. Originally, she didn’t want to go to school so close to home.

After going through the application process during the COVID-19 pandemic, she saw Lafayette as the only sensible choice.

I didn’t really have any expectations when I came in, but I’ve kind of carved my own niche here and I’m really enjoying it,” Grace said.

One of the biggest adjustments for Grace was interacting with the students in her father’s freshman seminary class (FYS).

“I had people in my dorm and on my floor that were in his FYS. I would walk into a room and when they would talk about it, they would stop and look at me like, ‘Oh, should I say that or not?’” Grace said.

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Professor Sanborn tries to let Grace have her own experiences on campus. “I obviously have a lot of friends on the faculty and she takes classes from my friends, but I don’t ask about her or ask about them,” he said.

Professor Sanborn enjoys accompanying Grace, who plays on the golf team, to her tournaments.

Professor Jorge Torres and Genevieve Torres ’24 used to toboggan together on the hill where the Oechsle Center for Global Learning stands today. (Photo courtesy of Genevieve Torres ’24)

Music professor Jorge Torres began teaching in Lafayette when his daughter Genevieve Torres ’24 was just two years old. Genevieve, who now majors in psychology and minors in art, recalls that Lafayette and her father’s teachings were a part of her life from her earliest days.

“I was always kind of involved [his] performances and viewing [him] Teaching students, so I feel like from the start that was a positive way that college was represented for me,” she said. “I could see how he interacted with the students and what extracurricular activities and opportunities he had.”

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In particular, Genevieve recalled Professor Torres’ trip to Peru with Lafayette students as an event that made her realize what opportunities college students might have.

“We used to sled down the hill where the Oechsle Center for Global [Education] is now, climbing trees and coming to all kinds of performances,” Professor Torres said of the time she spent on campus with Genevieve during their childhood years.

Despite the tuition the school offers to faculty children, Professor Torres tried not to pressure Genevieve into any particular decision.

“I remember we drove to many places to visit other campuses. As I crossed my fingers, I kept quiet, knowing she could make the decision that was best for her,” he said.

Both Grace and Genevieve chose fields that were not within their fathers’ areas of expertise.

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Grace has always been interested in English and her parents encouraged her to pursue what interests her. She was also more focused on attending a liberal arts program than deciding on a specific subject she would study.

At this point, Grace has no plans to take classes in the history department.

Similarly, Genevieve took a music class in Lafayette but never attended any of her father’s classes. However, she plays in the ensemble that Professor Torres directs.

“I see her playing the flute on Thursday nights,” he said. “It’s very, very, very exciting.”

Professor Torres enjoys meeting Genevieve on campus from time to time.

“I got something on interlibrary loan and walked past Gilbert,” Torres said. “She was having lunch with some friends and then she came up to me and gave me a nice hug, and I really liked it.”

“I’ll never get that again,” Torres joked.

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