Lathrop rollouts new city mobile app for reporting concerns

Do you have a concern about something in Lathrop that you think deserves the attention of the City Council or its departments?

There’s an app for that.

On Monday, the Lathrop City Council announced the launch of the Lathrop Cares mobile phone app that will allow residents to report things like graffiti, vandalism, illegal dumping, traffic problems, sidewalks, potholes, outed streetlights and sidewalk problems. from the comfort of your mobile phone.

The app can be found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices by searching for Lathrop Cares.

Once concerns are shared through the app, the issue is forwarded to the appropriate department so action can be taken to correct it, whether it’s replacing a streetlight or cleaning up vandalism in a local park.

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Lathrop now joins a number of other South County municipalities that have added mobile apps to their repertoire, hoping that making it easier for residents to participate in the civic process will spur engagement while improving resident convenience.

The City of Manteca has had a mobile application for several years with similar purposes, and at the beginning of this year the Consolidated Fire District of Ripon launched its own mobile application that made it easier for residents to stay informed of the problems faced by the organization and identify with greater clarity the staff and the staff at the service of the community.

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Lathrop’s app also includes some of the features that have been used in other government mobile apps, such as the “Nail ‘Em” app, which allows residents to take photos of people using illegal aerial fireworks and then report those people to authorities for to take coercive measures. Those who report problems in the community on Lathrop’s new app will have the opportunity to take photos of the problem that will allow city staff to see exactly what the reporting party sees, further promoting clarity and ensuring the right problem is fixed.

For more than a decade, government agencies across the country have been using technology platforms as a way to promote broader community engagement, an idea born out of a digital government strategy promoted by the Obama administration. More than a third of all traffic to official government websites comes from mobile apps.

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In addition to reporting issues, the Lathrop Cares app also includes links to the city’s social media accounts, links to official city meeting agendas and minutes, and a link to the city’s municipal code. Users will also find a link to transport them to the city’s utility payment portal.

To find the app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android phones and search for “Lathrop Cares” in the search bar.

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