Knights of Degen Acquires Blockchain Fantasy Sports Provider LeagueDAO

NEW YORK, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Heroes of Degenthe fastest growing The sports gaming community at Web3 has signed an agreement to acquire the leader in blockchain-based fantasy sports. LeagueDAO. This transaction accelerates Degen’s Knights competitive entertainment roadmap, providing access to fantasy sports for sports bettors, as well as mass adoption of LeagueDAO’s brand new product portfolio.

According to the contract, LeagueDAO’s applications and fantasy leagues – incl Mega League, Nomo league and No Sensitive Closure – continuous operation. The LeagueDAO team will join the Degen Knights, including the co-founders. Jake Craven, Tyler Wardand Matt Hunter. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We’ve always seen fantasy sports as a pillar of the KOD ecosystem, and we’re excited to join LeagueDAO’s product, team, and community for that,” said Knights of Degen Co-Founder, Drew Austin.

Fantasy sports users experience material benefits by competing on chains such as owning, controlling, registering, stressing fees, and sustainable prize pools using decentralized finance (“DeFi”) to own, control, and register their teams and picks. Game models that allow you to earn money for acting as a commissioner, known as the organizer of various tournaments and leagues, with instant and verifiable payments.

“The LeagueDAO community and ecosystem offers the right engine to realize our passion for creating an on-chain fantasy sports product. We are very excited about the next chapter of LeagueDAO,” said the LeagueDAO founder. Jake Craven.

Originally released in September 2021 NFT Drop, Knights of Degen has positioned its brand, community, and apps as a Web3 destination for sports fans who are always active in the game. Focused on providing the best competitive entertainment, Knights enjoys a social gaming experience and always hosts tournaments and contests. KFFL and Degen Bracket ChallengeWhile enjoying community ownership of a growing list of Web3 sports and entertainment properties, including A fan-run football teamcommunity-driven multi-play games and KOD Media Network.

Launched in August 2021, LeagueDAO was created by a community of Web3 founders, developers, athletes, and fans who wanted to jumpstart the development of fantasy sports on the Web3. In less than 12 months, LeagueDAO has developed decentralized fantasy sports applications. Each app uses LeagueDAO’s core web3 infrastructure, which uses nfts, defi and smart contracts to create a unique skill-based gaming experience.

“Heroes” are preparing to launch erc-20 aircraft token in the coming months, with the help of Degen DAO, which will serve as the currency for its gaming ecosystem, which includes LeagueDAO’s fantasy products.

About Degen’s heroes

Heroes of Degen is a Web3 membership community for sports fans, creating a new way for sports fans to experience the meta world of sports fans, bettors and entrepreneurs. It will be opened in September 2021 A collection of 8,888 NFTsBeing a Knight provides permanent benefits, including the opportunity to play alongside professional athletes and professionals Conflict and opportunities to participate in IRL events, exclusive tournaments at sports and entertainment events for special prizes, our KOD Media Network, Fan Controlled Football team, and food and beer brands. Find out more here

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