Kentucky American Water talks conserving water, higher bills and additional assistance

Lexington, Ky.

“Whenever there’s a leak in the house, whether it’s a leak, or a break, as some of our customers have experienced with the cold weather, or a toilet leak, for example, those really do, they’re affected. can. Your water bill, because more water is used, more water goes through the meter, that kind of thing,” says Susan Lancho, senior manager of external and government affairs.Kentucky American Water.

So, what should you do?

“If they have a situation where they have a water line on a break in their home this winter, check out our website to find our hidden leak adjustment information. Because some breaks on water bills I qualify for adjustments, especially if it is a hidden leak, such as an underground leak,” adds Lancho.

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She also says that water main breaks do not affect water bills. Along with some areas to encourage water conservation, Lancho also shared some tips that can help your water use.

“You can save water by not running it unnecessarily, for example, if you’re brushing your teeth, or if you’re shaving at the sink, for example. Don’t let it run continuously as you do it. Also, things like taking short showers, instead of long showers, you can take short showers, or maybe a five-minute shower, take a short bath. Also, if If you’re using a washing machine or a dishwasher, only use them when you have a full load of laundry or dishes, these little things can really add up,” Lancho also said.

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Lancho also says that if a water line breaks in your home, you should try to identify the source of the problem. “If a water line breaks in their house, you know, a water line in the wall, or outside, etc., they want to stop the water flow so they can make that repair. And so they know Want to know where their main water shut-off valve is located, and turn off the water ahead of time to prevent the leak from happening and wasting water and potentially damaging their homes or other structures? can deliver.”

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If you have questions about your bill or if you find yourself in a pinch, help is available.

“Is it going to affect their water bill next month, you know when they get their bill next month. And you know it’s hard for them to cover the cost but they call us. want to do and just want to talk through some of the options that we might have to either pay in installments or qualify for some other type of assistance,” says Lancho.

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