KBS Entertainment Awards 2022: Complete list of Winners

On December 24, the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards were held at the KBS New Wing Open Hall in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. The event was held to honor the actors and variety programs that have entertained viewers over the past year. The award ceremony was hosted by Seol In-ah, Kang Chan-hee and Moon Se-yoon.

The KBS Entertainment Awards is one of the most prestigious and prestigious awards in all of South Korea. The event is held every year and until the end of each year so as to award the best variety of programs and actors who have mesmerized the viewers with their natural abilities that bring comic relief to the show.

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The ceremony usually starts with a performance by a K-pop artist, which gives an overall picture of KBS entertainment programs that have taken place in the past. Moon Se-yoon, Din Din and Yoo Seon-ho sing PSY’s song THAT THAT gave an exciting opening performance at the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards.

Shin Dong-yup got his third Daesang, popularly known as the Grand Prize, from KBS this year. The artist has won a total of five Daesangs so far at the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards.

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Shin Dong-yup, Kim Sook and program Immortal Songs award ceremony at the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

The famous KBS Entertainment Awards 2022 aired live on KBS Hall at 9:15 PM (KST) on December 24, 2022.

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·Daesang (Grand Prize): Shin Dong-yup

· Viewer’s choice for the best program: Immortal Souls

· Entertainer of the Year: Kim Sook, Shin Dong-yup, Jun Hyun-moo, Kim Jong-min, Lee Kyung-kyu

· Top Excellence in Variety: Din Din by 2 days & 1 night season 4Ryu Soo-Young from Fun restaurant

· Top Excellence in Reality: Lee Chun-soo from Husband of Mr.House, Sayuri from The Return of Superman

· Excellence in Show & Variety: Kim Shin-young by National Song ContestLee Chan-woo from Immortal Songs, Fun restaurant

· Excellence in Reality: Kim Byung-hun by The boss in the mirrorJason from The Return of Superman

· Rookie Award for Show & Variety: Na In-woo from 2 days & 1 night season 4

· Reality Rookie Award: Yang Se-hyung from Recall of Love and Jung Tae-woo from Husband of Mr. House

· Best Couple: Joo Sang-wook & Jo Jae-yoon from Second HouseRyan Jhun & Kim Seung-soo by Listen up, Kim Sook & Jonathan by Godfather, and Jo Se-ho and Joo Woo-jae from Beat Coin

· Better teamwork: Beat Coin and Recall of Love

· Popularity Award: Kim Jun-ho from The Return of SupermanJannabi from Immortal Songs and Jang Do-yeon from Dogs are incredible

· Special Producer Award: Heo Jae from The boss in the mirror

· Best Entertainer: Cha Ye-ryun from Fun restaurantYeon Jung-hoon from 2 days & 1 night season 4, and Park Joo-ho from The Return of Superman

· Best Icon: The Children of The Return of Superman and the bosses from Boss inside the mirror

· Best challenge: Diet

· DJ of the year: Highlight’s Lee Gi-kwang and BTOB’s Minhyuk

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· Digital Content Award: Lee Mu-jin and Kim Gu-ra

All of the above artists from various variety programs were honored and awarded by the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards.

More about the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

The 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards presented the 20th Anniversary Special Achievement Award to honor artist Song Hae for his valuable contribution to the entertainment industry. It hosted the National Song Contest for over three decades. Daesang winner artist Shin Dong-yup presented him with the award and said:

“I think we all owe this person a debt of appreciation. For more than 30 years, he had traveled across the nation, sharing the music and stories of many different individuals with audiences. I respect and love you so much and I think everyone feels the same.”

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KBS Entertainment Awards 2022 will soon be available with English subtitles on Viki for viewers to watch.

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