Kansas Sports Betting Revenue Grows in Third Month

Even if the activity is reduced in the first three months November, Kansas sports betting revenue is at an all-time high.

Kansas sports books created more 12.2 million dollars November earnings, according to recent reports Kansas Lottery. It is a 6.5% hold on 186.4 million dollars bet throughout the month.

The handle is a 2% dip from Octoberof 189.9 million dollars. Kansas sports betting has begun September 1getting a sports book 160.5 million dollars betting in the first month.

Incomes are rising in Kansas

The revenue increase comes after Kansas lawmakers were at the center of a New York Times section on sports betting lobbying efforts. Inside the stories Time reported on the impact advertising deductions on potential state tax vehicles.

Kansas sportsbooks reported in September 1.3 million dollars By income while reaching the income of October 1.4 million dollars. Including negative carryovers from previous months, Kansas sports betting revenue was higher than last year 8 million dollars.

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An increase in November’s revenue helped the state of Kansas $795,784 per month in taxes. It is much more $270,706 with combined taxes for September and October.

Kansas sports books are bringing back their deductions

In November, online sportsbooks in Kansas were eliminated 6.5 million dollars in promotional offers. Three sportsbooks spent more 1 million dollars in advertising, led DraftKings minus 2.2 million dollars.

FanDuel reported 1.9 million dollars in advertising, while BetMGM hit 1.7 million dollars. Three other Kansas operators spent less 300 thousand dollars.

However, during the first three months, sportsbooks were in a slump 49.9 million dollars In DraftKings and its managed promotions 22.3 million dollars. FanDuel reported 12.5 million dollarswhile BetMGM next time 11.5 million dollars.

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Online sports betting dominates in Kansas

Kansans bet more 177 million dollars Online in November, or 95% from the general handle.

DraftKings recorded the most bets this month 76.2 million dollars. FanDuel regulated 50.6 million dollars In November, when BetMGM took over 25.4 million dollars in gambling.

DraftKings has been in the lead for the first three months 233.9 million dollars in gambling. FanDuel is the second since its launch 137.3 million dollarswhile BetMGM takes a distant third 76.4 million dollars.

FanDuel is Kansas’ leading sports betting earner

Despite taking $25 million less bets than DraftKings in November, FanDuel had the most net revenue for the month. 4.9 million dollars. DraftKings has arrived 4.6 million dollars.

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It was the first positive month of revenue for DraftKings and FanDuel, accounting for carryover losses. was adjusted earnings 1.2 million dollars DraftKings and 4.8 million dollars For FanDuel.

Retail sportsbooks set records

In-person sports books were taken in the state 9.3 million dollars betting, it’s the highest retail total since launch.

Barstool Sportsbook per hour Hollywood casino got 7.1 million dollars from the total amount, or 76.3% of the total retail bet. FanDuel Sportsbook Kansas Star Casino got 2 million dollarsWith DraftKings Sportsbook Boot Hill Casinoo get $214,202.

Since its release, Kansas retail sportsbooks have exploded 22.9 million dollarsBarstool is almost in the lead 18 million dollars in retail betting.


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