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Jessica Tomac and her associates, son Noah and daughter Lev, are hosting a grand opening for the Baby T Children’s Boutique at 44 E. Main St., Cortez on Saturday, October 1 at 5:30 p.m. (Jim Mimiaga/The Diary)

Baby T Children’s Boutique on Main Street specializes in quality clothing, toys and gifts

For parents of young children in Montezuma County, shopping for clothing and products is limited to chain stores or a maze of impersonal online sites.

Now Cortez has a locally owned option.

Baby T Children’s Boutique at 44 E. Main St. offers quality clothing and baby accessories, said owner Jessica Tomac.

“It started as a hobby and then turned into a business,” she says. “I wanted to bring something to the community that we don’t have. People travel to Durango and Farmington to find what they need.”

Tomac and her husband Eli Tomac, the nation’s reigning Supercross and Motocross Champion, are themselves new parents to daughter Lev (2) and Noah (1).

Jessica said that as a mom, she’s obsessed with quality baby clothes and products.

She didn’t notice any shop specializing in the market in the area, so she decided to share her knowledge and experience with the community.

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“I carry higher quality brands that I love and are reasonably priced,” Tomac said. “A store allows people to come in and look and touch the items and see if they like them. You can’t do that online. It’s also easier to exchange in person at a store.”

Their boutique introduces new products in a spacious, well-lit showroom with ample space for strollers. The target group is newborns up to 7 years old, along with nice items for mums and dads.

Well-organized displays feature onesies, swaddles, stylish clothes for kids and parents, blankets, toys, stuffed animals, books, shoes, bibs, hats, bags, bedding, nursery items, bath items, laundry detergent and more.

She also sells fancy diaper bags, cribs, high chairs, backpacks, strollers, bassinets, and a skateboard-like scooter. The range includes fashionable dresses, leather jackets and other fun outfits.

The store offers options for gifts, baby showers, and dressing children for special occasions. Customers can also order items.

Brands include Little Bum Bum, Posh Peanut, Oopsie Daisy, Three Little Tots, Itzy Ritzy and others.

Tomac also stock seasonal Christmas themes, including a selection for Fall and Halloween.

A colorful, carpeted play area in a back corner allows parents to drop off children while they shop.

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Tomac is enthusiastic about the selection of carefully tested products. Friendly and down to earth, she invites clients to engage in conversations about parenting and the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Lev Tomac, 2, demonstrates a scooter at the new Baby T Children’s boutique in Cortez. (Jim Mimiaga/The Diary)

Baby T Children’s Boutique has a play area for shoppers’ children. (Jim Mimiaga/The Diary)

Jessica Tomac and her children, Noah and Lev, stand in front of their new children’s store at 44 E. Main St. in Cortez, next to Love on a Hanger. (Jim Mimiaga/The Diary)

Baby T Children’s Boutique is a very kid friendly store. (Jim Mimiaga/The Diary)

Fashionable clothing is sold at Baby T Children’s Boutique on Main Street in Cortez. (Jim Mimiaga/The Diary)

She started the business selling online about five months ago, but found it too impersonal and expanded it to include a physical store.

“I’m not much of an internet pusher – I like meeting people and helping them with what they need. I got to know the best brands,” said Tomac.

The online shop will continue and can be found at

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The couple bought the building for the store and gutted it for a remodel. The walls, floor, entryway, ceiling and lighting create an inviting open format with chandeliers.

“It was fun to flip it and revitalize the place,” Tomac said.

The location next to Love on a Hanger fits well, she added.

Once established, Tomac plans to hire a person or two to run the store. The hard-working mother has a busy travel schedule, starting a family and supporting her husband who is a motorcycle racer.

On Wednesday when The diary attended, the family of four prepared to travel to Eli Tomac’s next race, the International Motocross of Nations, at the RedBud in Buchanan, Michigan this weekend.

“Lev knows the sport and can choose in the race,” said Tomac. “You’re getting used to the fact that he’s always on the podium!”

The Baby T Children’s Boutique will have a grand opening and open house on Saturday October 1st at 5:30pm. There will be a ribbon cutting, hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Opening times are Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The phone number is 901-239-3233.

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