Is A Bottle Of Champagne An Appropriate Gift For A One Year Old’s Birthday Party?

It’s quite common for parents to go all out for a child’s first birthday party. To mark a major milestone, mom and dad pull out all the stops to ensure their child’s first trip around the sun will be a birthday celebration no one will ever forget, or rather, the one-year-old will never remember.

When Phoebe Parsons was invited to her friends’ child’s first birthday party, she decided to give the baby’s parents a nice bottle of champagne instead of spending money on a present for the baby. She posted a TikTok, explaining their reasoning and asking their followers if they think it’s “fair” to do things a little differently from tradition.

In the video, Phoebe said: “I’d really like to know what other people think about this. I’m on my way to a first birthday party and actually got the parents a bottle of sparkling wine instead of the kid.”

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She went on to make sure her TikTok viewers knew she’d been gifted the baby on numerous occasions. “In the child’s lifetime to date (he is 12 months old) I got him a baby shower gift and a birth gift. I thought it was only fair to give the parents a gift to celebrate the first year they survived as parents,” she continued.

She also pointed out that the one-year-old would not remember that birthday or the gifts she received, further explaining that the children’s party was attended by 50 other people who would shower the baby with gifts. One less wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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“So do you think it’s fair for the parents to buy a present instead of the child on their first birthday?”

The comments section had mixed reactions, although most sided with Parsons. One user replied: “I got a bottle of Scotch for my only boy’s 1st birthday 😂 Apparently I’d need it in the coming days 🤣 great idea!”

Another wrote: “Damn yeah it was probably one of the most challenging years of her life, they deserve a treat! 🥰”

While most commenters agreed that a nice gift for parents is a thoughtful gesture, some responded that it could be a nice gift in addition to a gift for the child. “Yes but! Just in addition to a gift for the child. Or a bottle when the baby is born is more appropriate,” wrote one user.

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Another remarked: “If I wasn’t invited or couldn’t go to the baby shower then yes, a present for the first one. When I visited both, only one baby was present.”

Whether you buy a present for the little one or not, it seems everyone agrees that a little nod to mom and dad for surviving their first year of parenthood and all the chaos that comes with it is more than is appropriate.