iphone: Man orders iPhone 13, gets iPhone 14! Netizens call him lucky, slam Flipkart for misplaced delivery

Imagine making a wish and being rewarded with something even better. Something like this happened to a Twitter user. Ashwin Hegde, who describes himself as a tech enthusiast, took to his Twitter account to share a unique incident. One of his followers reportedly ordered an iPhone 13 during the Flipkart sale. However, the follower got a big surprise when they received the latest iPhone 14 instead.

The user reportedly ordered the device during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale. Since the incident was shared by Hegde, several users on Twitter resorted to relentlessly trolling Flipkart. Several users also cited previous cases where Flipkart had reportedly shipped wrong products to consumers.

Hegde’s tweet went viral with over 9,000 likes and thousands of comments. One user posted a picture of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and said, “Even I ordered a Nokia 105 single sim from Amazon and received an iPhone 13 Pro Max.” Another user said that the user, as a responsible citizen, is returning the iPhone 14 and should take the iPhone 13. Several users also took the opportunity to slam Apple for similar designs on iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. “iPhone 13 and 14 are kinda like Flipkart mistook 14 for 13 and shipped those instead of the 13 he ordered,” wrote one user.

The incident comes days after Flipkart stepped into the hornet’s nest after multiple users reported numerous iPhone 13 orders had been cancelled. After the incident, several users had taken to their Twitter accounts to slam the e-commerce giant. Flipkart later issued a clarification on the issue, stating that 70 percent of its orders were successfully delivered and only a fraction of orders were canceled due to anomalies.

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Meanwhile, Flipkart has issued a clarification on the matter. The brand said 70 percent of orders were successfully delivered and only a small portion of orders were canceled due to anomalies. “Flipkart is a customer-centric e-commerce marketplace and always makes sure that customers’ interests are protected. We know that almost 70% of all iPhone orders placed in cities like Guntur, Gorakhpur and Siliguri were successfully delivered by the sellers. a small part of the orders (

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