How To Manage Payments In The Tesla Mobile App

The Tesla mobile app allows users to fully manage all aspects of their Tesla EV and it is also possible to add and remove payment methods.

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O Tesla The mobile app is packed with features, and among them is the ability to manage payments. The app has proven to be a unique means of remotely accessing the Tesla. For example, it can be used to unlock/lock the EV or even serve as a self-diagnostic tool and confirm a problem already experienced by the user. The app is also useful for managing other Tesla products such as Powerwall or Wall Connector. The app is available on both Android and iPhone phones.


Whether it’s paying off a lease, a loan, or even renewing your Premium Connectivity package, the Tesla mobile app can handle all tasks conveniently. To add a payment method, users must open the Tesla mobile app and tap the profile icon in the upper right corner. The next step is to tap “account,’ then ‘wallet,’ followed by ‘Add.’ Now, follow the prompts to add your payment method. Once this is done, users can add their default payment method by selecting the ‘Set as Default’ icon Removing a payment method is similar. no’wallet’ app section, tap on “remove‘ next to the payment method. If the removed method is the default payment option, they will have to choose another.

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What else can you do with the Tesla app?

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Owners of Tesla electric vehicles can also use the app to upgrade their Supercharging payment method. The steps are quite simple. When opening the app, they should navigate to the ‘account’ option Now tap ‘loading’ and then’Manage payment.’ For users making monthly or lease payments for a Tesla, it’s also possible to set up automatic payment and paperless billing in the Tesla app. To do this, open the app, tap ‘financing,’ then ‘Payments,’ and go to ‘preferences.’ Now choose whether you want to enable or disable paperless billing.

In addition to payment methods, Tesla customers can use the app for a number of other functions. For example, the app can pre-condition electric vehicles in cold weather to maximize range while driving. Drivers can also monitor available range, charge limits and charge history. The app also helps EV owners find their nearest Supercharger. Tesla customers can schedule service appointments through the app. In case of emergency, they can also request roadside assistance that covers vehicle breakdowns, punctures, blockages, reduced range, etc.

Drivers can also purchase upgrades and subscribe to special services through the app. Features like enhanced autopilot and full autonomous driving can dramatically improve the functionality of a Tesla, as long as users can pay. Account holders can also use the app to browse Tesla shop and buy anything from charging equipment to vehicle accessories to Tesla brand products.

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